Las Vegas: Car Crashes Into Motel Swimming Pool!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2017

‪#BreakingNews: Vehicle into a @VagabondInn pool in #SanPedro; 8 are injured. @NBCLA ‬

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Of the things that are funnier to me than they logically should be, cars crashing into swimming pools is among the top five.

I am not sure why this is so funny to me.


A vehicle crashed into the swimming pool of a Los Angeles neighborhood motel, injuring eight people, including the driver, who was left in critical condition, according to the city’s fire department.

The accident occurred in the San Pedro neighborhood on Sunday evening at around 7:30pm, when an SUV slammed through a brick wall and sank into the Vagabond Inn’s swimming pool.

Many children aged six to ten were in the pool at the time of the crash, according to witness accounts cited by the media.

“It was heartbreaking. As soon as I heard it, and when I came [right] I saw the car. And I saw little kids right there being treated for injuries. It was terrible,” one woman told CBS Los Angeles.

By the time firefighters arrived at the scene, the driver, reported to be in his 20s, had been pulled out of the vehicle.

“I ran over there and people were trying to lift the car… I took this guy out of the car, you know, try to unbuckle him… he was choking… and someone did CPR,” Johnathan Zayas, who works at a gas station across the street, told KABC-TV.

How funny is it to you guys when a car crashes into a swimming pool?

On a scale of 1 to 10?

Because for me, it is a 10. It is up there with an Indian ad manager for an American company giving The Daily Shoah $17,000 to run an ad for and Seizure CP Jew not being able to find tentacle porn with his family.

This one time, when I was a kid watching Fox News with my grandma, one of the news babes came back from break with: “breaking news: we’ve just gotten word that a car has just crashed into a swimming pool.”

Possibly the best memory of my entire childhood, in fact.

So I guess that’s part of why it’s so funny to me.

I think that was also in Vegas, which I would assume is the number one place in the world for cars crashing into swimming pools.

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  1. This reminds me of Cannonball Run movie

  2. I had no idea Anglin’s a Keith Moon superfan.

  3. Los Angeles, actually.

  4. TCA says:

    Fucking Jews, gas them all.

  5. Probability of Cars Crashing into Swimming Pools = Percentage of Niggers in Area * Percentage of Area Occupied by Swimming Pools

  6. Snape says:

  7. I give cars in pools a solid 8 on the lol scale. Cars should be nowhere near a pool, the pool should be no where a car could even maybe be able to make it into the pool no matter the circumstance. Imo its funny because its stupid x2. Extreme stupidness to get the car into the pool and stupidness to have a pool anywhere a car could go.

    That being said, how about a car parked next to a pool and an idiot on a sport bike!

  8. I was going to add it to the article when I saw the name but that shows people doing it on purpose to above ground pools, which is not very funny.

  9. and women-drivers… those are funny, too…

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