Labour Party Plans to Force British Film Companies to Meet Ridiculous Diversity Quotas

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2018

A 1964 election poster.

Though the Kalergi Plan has been the guiding force behind British politics since the Jews won World War II, state-enforced multiculturalism only started to kick off in the UK when Labour – under Tony Blair’s leadership – came into power in the late 90s and fully opened the borders to the Third World.

Since then, Labour politicians have become even more aggressive in their desire to see the British people exterminated from the face of the Earth. All other mainstream parties follow the same goals too, of course, but Labour has always been the most overtly treasonous.

What you’re about to read is perfectly representative of their mindset.

The Guardian:

Labour has drawn up plans that would force film production companies to ensure gender equality and diversity on set, following fresh evidence of the slow pace of change in the movie industry.

Under a future Labour government, the party announced on Sunday vital high-end tax relief, worth hundreds of millions a year, will be made dependent on a fairer, more inclusive mix of cast and crew on any film.

So, Labour considers a national film industry that routinely produces films like these ones…

… to be too slow in embracing diversity.

If that’s considered too slow, then what’s considered just right?

A Hottentot William Wallace? A Moslem Edward Longshanks?

A black James Bo–

Hang on, that might already be happening with Idris Elba:

“The name’s Bond. Out On Bond.”

Labour’s decision to get behind these efforts to improve representation comes in response to new research conducted by the shadow culture team that shows that just 15% of recent British films qualified to receive tax credit were directed by women. “For far too long, the film and TV industries have been dominated by a small and unrepresentative segment of society,” said the shadow culture minister Kevin Brennan this weekend. “Bringing inclusion riders from Hollywood to HMRC could put a rocket booster under the industry that pays lip service to diversity, but hasn’t always delivered.”

How can men be a “small and unrepresentative” segment of society if they’re 50% of the population?

Even white men – who he’s probably talking about – are 40% of the total UK population. Hardly small.

Also, what sort of man unironically uses a term like “inclusion rider” in public and isn’t found swinging from his garden tree the following morning, having hung himself in abject shame?

In this country, films must already pass some statutory cultural tests to qualify for tax relief, but Labour’s planned alteration to the rules would heavily incentivise inclusion and equal representation standards on such productions.

On top of new evidence of the low number of women film directors, and co-directing in the last week new research from academics at the universities of Edinburgh and Sheffield, who worked with the Barbican, Arts Emergency and Create London, found that more than 70% of British film, TV and radio workers were men.

Well, maybe men are just better workers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Though if more Pakis and blacks are to be added to British movies, perhaps it’s best that more female workers are added too so that the entire industry implodes due to estrogen-fueled incompetence.

Actually, that kind of makes me support this whole thing. Imagine the whole Judeo-Bong media industry collapsing because they were dumb enough to hire female producers, accountants, electricians, etc. Hmm…

You’re alright, Labour. Keep it up.

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