LA Painting Streets White and Arnold Schwarzenegger is Suing Big Oil Because of Global Warming

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

Los Angeles is painting the streets white to try and reflect more light. The Terminator is suing big oil companies for first degree murder because muh climate change.

Global warming is such a crock of shit.

This last winter was one of the coldest that I can personally remember and I live way up north.

Last month we were having freezing rain and still had snow. It’s now warmer during the days, but it still often goes to below freezing or just above at nights. It has been getting significantly colder for several years.

They have changed this hoax narrative constantly. First it was we were all going to cook and New York would be underwater by now (or whatever Gore said), then they are saying it’s not global warming it’s climate change and everything’s going to freeze and get hot at the same time.

It’s all so tiresome.

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