Korean Whores Launch Naked Protest Against Facebook for Censoring Their Disgusting Nips

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2018

Look’s like Feminism is really spreading to East Asia fast. This was to be expected. Feminism is like a virus that can only be contained by a strong pimp hand. The new generation of soy boys weaned on K- Pop never stood a chance.


A group of women staged a topless protest in front of Facebook’s headquarters in Seoul after the social media giant deleted revealing photos of their previous rally. The activists insisted their bodies “are not porn.”

The women from Fire Femi Action group, some wearing masks and sunglasses, lined up at Facebook’s head office in the upscale Gangnam District area of the South Korean capital, on Saturday.

They held banners reading: “Why do you delete posts in which I willingly showed my breasts?” and “Set me free from what is virtually a modern corset.”

The demonstrators had slogans written on their bodies: “My body is not pornographic material.” Some of the protesters were heard shouting “Free the nipple.”

For once, Facebook started out by doing the right thing, and then, of course, caved and did the wrong thing.

First things first: no one wants to see naked bodies when they are being forced on them in an aggressive manner.

Outside of a few…specific set of circumstances

Furthermore, no one wants to see a feminist’s body.

Contrary to what they’re protesting – the fact of the matter is that society has no real problem with female nudity…

If the chick is hot that is.

If some top-tier models suddenly stripped naked and walked down to the scenic canal embankment, no one would really interfere. They would be gawkers, people with cameras, and some irate grannies.

But there wouldn’t be police in riot gear trying to shut it down with tear gas and batons.

The reason the police gets called out to these events is that the feminists are almost always being shrill harpies, attacking innocent bystanders and just generally being an eyesore.

So really, the problem isn’t female nudity, but specifically, ugly women trying to force themselves into the public gaze and make a big scene about how us not finding them pretty is a form of oppression.

That’s what’s going on with the whole global #freethenipple campaign.

It’s a case of ugly women unionizing and waging war on the world for not finding them attractive.

I suppose the only real answer to organized cuntery is organized incelery. Gender politics must spread to the White male population.

At which point, at least in America, they will march on Washington, demanding genetically engineered pure 3D grills – or at least state-subsidized sexbots.

Then and only then will the power of the pussy finally be curtailed.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, which has a long history of repressing unions and popular movements with heavy-handed police state measures, the only answer is to let the North Koreans take over the country.

They’ll whip the degenerate spoiled bitches of South Korea into line.

And that goes double for the soy boys in the south as well.


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