Kim Arrives in Singapore. Let’s Do History Here, People.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 10, 2018

Fingers crossed, everyone.

Hero Kim is taking a leap of faith here.

Opening up his heart to the world.

Hopefully Trump keeps Bonkers Bolton the failed warmaster out of the meetings.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has arrived in Singapore for a scheduled summit with US President Donald Trump.

The meeting – the first between a leader from the North and a sitting US president – will take place on Tuesday.

Mr Trump described it as a “one-time shot” at peace and said the two were in “unknown territory”.

President Trump will arrive later on Sunday. The US hopes the summit will kick-start a process that eventually sees Mr Kim give up nuclear weapons.

He doesn’t need to give up his nuclear weapons. This is a canard.

Trump started out with that demand ala “The Art of the Deal.”

Read the book, media. The whole thing is you start out asking for way more than you actually want.

The goal was never full disarmament, the goal was an official document ending the war, which will allow for a slow and steady reunification process with the South. At which point the concept of disarmament will be irrelevant.

I am sure that certain aspects of the nuclear program will be discussed and probably included in the deal. But the goal of the deal is not in itself total disarmament, the goal is peace – to end this stupid brother war which was created by China and US to no benefit of anyone in either Korea.

The fact that they are still two separate countries is just a weird relic of a distant past.

We’re not doing the fucking “Libya Model” here. That was never and is not the goal of Donald Trump, even if it is the goal of the deranged golem shadowing him.

Did you see he was even shadowing him in what would have otherwise been one of history’s greatest photographs?


I literally lie awake at night thinking about John Bolton’s evil plots, this Wormtongue so close to the ear of the often aloof king.

Point being:

Donald Trump’s goal is the Berlin Model.

And yeah, I get that that situation was complicated and included a lot of negatives for both sides, but mostly for the East. It was also the result of a global disaster, rather than because of peace talks.

It’s not a perfect analogy, but it is a much better analogy than talking about fucking Libya.

This is a big deal. We are at a crucial point here, where Trump is going to choose between good and evil.

He just chose good at the G7 by saying bring back Russia and telling everyone else (except Italy, his new friend) to go fuck themselves and die.

Very, very good stuff.

So now Trump: I don’t know why you brought Bolton on this trip. I don’t know why you hired him in the first place. I hope that it is because you were threatened or leveraged in some way.

But sir.

Don’t let him kill this deal.

If you get the Nobel after telling the kiked Western whole world to go die and you’d rather hang out with Russia, the entire game will be changed.

Kim is fine. He’s cool. Just be reasonable. Do your own book.

Do the deal. 

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