Killdozer Makes Appearance in UK, Wrecks Hotel Because of No Pay

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2019

It seems that the killdozer is by far the most effective weapon of White partisans in the 21st century. Huge damage is inflicted, but with minimal kill count and resulting widespread admiration after the fact from fellow huwhytes.


A disgruntled Brit plowed a digger into the lobby of a Travelodge in Liverpool, after reportedly not receiving pay for construction work on the hotel.

Police and fire crews were called to the hotel on Monday afternoon, after the vandal rammed his vehicle through the PVC and glass entrance to the hotel, pulling the facade down with the front bucket. The man tore the reception area apart before hopping out of his vehicle and fleeing on foot.

The guy who made the tweet isn’t the guy who did the rampage – that man’s on the run, which means he’s probably crashing with one of his friends.

Now, if this man had had access to firearms, something awesome could have ended up as something tragic.

Because novelty is a far more powerful weapon. 

Look at this, none of his construction worker buddies seemed to mind his rampage:

That’s solidarity for you.

If he’d gone in spoons-blazing (UK) people would be disavowing him left and right.

But the people end up loving him for his good-natured act of prankery instead!

In 2004, the original Killdozer became a hero when he went on his rampage after God ordered him to do so.

You don’t see anyone celebrating the Jew school-shooter Niko Cruz as a hero, even though most of his victims were probably other Jews.

This should be a lesson to everyone going forward: if you go on a rage-induced rampage, make sure to do it in a novel way.

It makes a world of difference. 

The Chad Dozer Driver is one of the lads who just had himself a bad day. Nothing that a pint with the lads can’t fix, innit?

The Virgin Workplace Shooter is a freak who hates women and minorities. He needs to be locked away forever…

Which do you want to be?