Kikeservative Milo Attacks Daily Stormer and Fash the Nation, Says Alt-Right is Only 2-5% of the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2016

So, there is a retraction here.

In my last article on this faggot kike, wherein I commented on his speech “How to Destroy the Alt-Right,” given in Houston last week, I reported that Milo had removed the section of the Q&A where he mentioned The Daily Stormer from his YouTube upload of the speech. As it turns out, he had removed some other stuff, which but a 15 minute gap between my original timestamp and the question.

Here’s the relevant bits of what went down:

Questioner: So, my question is, I heard you mention Jared Taylor, so I’m sure you’re aware of the anti-multicultural aspect of the Alt-Right. What is your opinion of those who claim to be the true Alt-Right, such as podcasts like Fash the Nation and the Daily Shoah?

Milo: I would say that, you know, the Alt-Right is a very new movement and everyone thinks they have a right to define it. I try to do the best I can from outside. Um. They get very angry with me. I mean the Neo-Nazis hate me. They hate me. Daily Stormer loathes me. Um. I try to do the best job I can from outside, and I say it at every available opportunity, every time i possibly can: I’m not a member of the Alt-Right, I’m just trying to give you a fair hearing. Uh. They don’t accept that. Um.

There are lots of bits of it that claim to be the authentic heart of the Alt-Right.Um. And if it’s a sort of Richard Spencer kind of um… bits of it that you’re thinking of, certainly they are among the oldest. But for me, the Alt-Right encompasses a much larger cultural movement now.

Ummmmm. Daily Stormer will accuse me of of being a Jewish co-opter after that. But um. For me, this this – the things that I am talking about today are not really directed at that small group of people that you’re talking about. Um. But a really – they’re directed at the people that Hillary Clinton, we she said, what was it – basket of deplorables?

Basket of deplorables.

I was just angry because I had already chosen the name of my tour because “deplorable faggot” is so much better. So much better.

Um. This is something the left does and it’s now spiraled out of control. You know. It started by just calling conservatives racists and now it’s just basically calling everyone racist … and now they have to call everyone racists.

Well there are some genuine racists in the Alt-Right. People who I like who I know whose opinions I respect, some of them think I underestimate the quantity of racism in the Alt-Right. I estimate that the genuinely racist, anti-Semitic nastiness to be about two to five percent. Uhhhh some people think it’s more than that. I think it’s an emerging movement, I don’t think anybody really knows.

Um. Certainly some of the people you’re talking about have uh, have more of a historical claim to the name, but I’m not sure they really represent what most of it’s now about.

Um. Thank you for the question.

So there you have it. He tries to define the movement from the outside and the movement hates him for it, but really it doesn’t matter that the movement hates him because the movement isn’t actually the movement but something else altogether.

The crazy part is that he says the Alt-Right hates him, but then goes on to say there is no Alt-Right really, it’s just a word he borrowed from an existing movement to refer to cultural libertarianism.

We are 2-5% of our own movement, the rest is cultural libertarian jokesters, who don’t identify as Alt-Right, but are that because he said so.

Get it, goyim?

And you, Stormers, are being informed by this kike that when you trolled all those kike journalists, you yourselves we just joking. You actually like Jews and believe in the Holocaust.

Did you know that?

Well, if you didn’t, you should be thankful you have a Jew to tell you.


Reaching a Consensus on Jettisoning the Faggot Kike

After my article, it seems that the movement is coming to a consensus. Not saying I provoked it, just saying that everyone is on the same page, and that’s a very good thing.

Red Ice published an article by Karl North entitled “Burn Notice: Milo Yiannopolous,” outlining what this Jew is saying, and calling for open resistance against it.

Milo continues to say that he is not part of the Alt Right. Those of us in the real Alt Right think “well, yeah, race mixing, Jewish, fags are not welcome in our movement.” But remember, to Milo we are only the fringe of the Alt Right. We are not what the movement is allegedly about now. So if it is not racial and sexual orientation issues that keep Milo from aligning with his false Alt Right, what is it? It is that Milo is, basically, a Neocon. Where Milo parts ways with his “Alt Right” is their dislike of foreign wars and America acting like the world’s policeman. Milo wants the United States to continue to watch over the world because he fears that Russia or China may fill the vacuum if the US were to isolate itself. It is no wonder that a Jewish homosexual fears a world marching to the beat of Vladimir Putin’s drum. It is also no wonder that a Jew is willing to spend the American tax payer’s money to keep the US involved in everyone else’s business. Milo also expressed his admiration for George W. Bush and still supports the Iraq War. He says his “Alt Right” dislikes Israel due to their stance against foreign interventionism, whereas Milo is an “unreconstructed Zionist.” His whole persona is a big joke. Deep down he is just a socially liberal Neocon in Louis Vuitton wrapping paper with a big, gay bow. When you get past the admissions of “I suck dick,” Neoconservatism is all you are left with. Milo’s entire persona of being dangerous or edgy is a sham. It is a marketing scheme (he admits being straight would end him) designed to sell us the same ideas that have endlessly failed us in the past.

Milo has fabricated a connection between the Alt Right and Cultural Libertarianism that has no basis in reality. The whole display only makes sense once you accept that he has knowingly co-opted our movement, tacking us on as the fringe of something entirely different.

Counter-Currents published an article by Fash McQueen, “,”elaborating on how Milo is re-defining the Alt-Right as a cultural libertarian movement, noting how ridiculous this is, given that they already have a name – cultural libertarians are called “cultural libertarians.” And it is a totally separate movement, with only slight overlap on relatively meaningless issues.

But, the Alt Right and Cultural-Libertarians are diametrically opposed on almost every core issue — with only occasional, ideological overlap on the fringes.

Cultural-Libertarians are just a bunch of libertine progressives who feel that SJWs and Muslims are infringing on their desire to be as uninhibited and hedonistic as they want to be.

Cultural-Libertarians even include Bill Maher in their ranks. BILL FREAKING MAHER!


– Civic Nationalist
– Anti-Racist
– Pro-Degeneracy
– Pro-Israel (Muh Greatest Ally)
– Pro-Jew
– Pro-Feminist (Muh 19th Amendment)
– Libertine
– “America is a Proposition Nation”

Alt Right:

– White Nationalist
– Race Realists
– Anti-Degeneracy
– Anti-Israel (Our Greatest Parasite)
– Jew-Wise
– Patriarchy
– Traditionalists
– Defenders of Christendom (White Western Civilization)

Milo has been attempting to co-opt the Alt Right name, and divert our momentum into his own movement, for some time now.

Listen to Milo’s description of the Alt Right every time he’s interviewed or gives a speech. He’s not describing the Alt Right. He’s describing his Cultural-Libertarian movement.

If Milo was being honest, he would say: “Hey. We want our Cultural-Libertarian movement to be allies with your Alt Right movement because we believe a few of the same things.”

But instead, Milo gives speech after speech in which he describes his Cultural-Libertarian movement and calls it the “Alt Right.”

Milo is attempting to co-opt the momentum and banner of the Alt Right and turn it into his floundering, Cultural-Libertarian movement.

Fash the Nation also did a show Saturday stating similar objections to the Milo agenda, which I recommend everyone go listen to.

Milo clearly – beyond any reasonable doubt that any reasonable person could present – has an agenda to distort what we are for the purpose of undermining us, mixing us with a separate movement by relabeling and stealing our memes.

He goes up there and says “praise Kek,” he claims credit for Daily Stormer’s trolling of Jews – says we were just joking with them and we actually like Jews and believe in the Holocaust – then says we’re not even really a part of the Alt-Right. We’re “2-5%” of the movement.

This is what he’s saying.

The Defense of This Kike is Weak AF

The only defense I’ve seen is that “oh, it doesn’t really matter if he changes the definition of who we are, maybe somehow by doing that he will bring people to us.”

And then the defenders put up the strawman of “oh, these people think we should attack his followers!”

No one has said that.

Saying that we can’t attack Milo because if we do we are attacking his followers is like saying we can’t attack Ted Cruz because if we do we are attacking his followers. We attacked Ted Cruz and we gained his followers.

And Milo is in fact more anti-American and anti-White than Cruz, if you look at his actual positions!

He is supporting the Iraq war! Ted Cruz, at least in his rhetoric, has condemned foreign interventionism.


“He’s helping our image.” -Alt-Cuck/Alt-Kike/Alt-FBI

So the argument that you can’t attack any conservative public figure because if you do you are attacking their followers and their followers will then hate you and never join you is absolutely nonsensical. It isn’t even an argument, or a theory, it is just a baseless assertion.

And I mean, if you took it to the logical conclusion, you wouldn’t be able to attack any public figure at all. A lot of people have come to the Alt-Right from liberal circles – does that mean you can’t attack Rachel Maddow, because maybe you’ll upset her followers, who could some day join the Alt-Right?

Sure: maybe Milo’s followers will be interested in the real Alt-Right at some point. These crowds he is speaking to are just college Republican crowds, however, who are more liberal than mainstream Republicans, so I don’t really see any reason to suppose these are somehow the prime picking grounds for us, but whatever – fine, go to the rallies and talk to his followers, see where they’re at. I encourage that, just as I encourage people to go to any normie GOP event or group and talk to people.

But that has nothing to do with allowing Milo to take over our movement, steal our memes and tone and redefine us as cultural libertarians. And yet, I am seeing people in several different places claiming that it is “unproductive” to attack Milo. And you have to wonder why the people who are shilling to protect Milo are doing that. I mean, given that their arguments make no sense, it’s almost like they have some sort of private reason for doing it.


Because look – he’s not just trying to steal the name. He’s trying to take the whole thing that we’ve created away from us. He’s trying to claim the trolling tactics, he’s trying to steal our memes and our burgeoning religion. He’s trying to take the whole thing.

And what happens if he does that?

Well, when all of our aesthetic and image is co-opted by these basic bitch conservative followers of Milo, we are left without a name and without the fabric which had previously held us together. When you post Pepe memes, they’re going to tell you “HEY PEPE IS NOT A RACIST THE ALT-RIGHT IS NOT A RACIST MOVEMENT WE ONLY MAKE JOKES!”

Then what do you do? Do you make a new cartoon mascot? Do you invent a new brand of humor?

You can try.

But your energy will be gone, you will be left without a hope, without an identity.



The Tea Party’s name and aesthetic was co-opted in the exact same way as Milo is co-opting us, down to the letter. These people came into the movement, they took the basic rhetoric and the tone and the symbols, but changed the content of what is being said. They destroyed it completely, then walked away. You don’t even hear about the Tea Party anymore, and you don’t hear about some new movement that was created to replace it by the original members who got co-opted.

It just died.

How are We Even Talking About This?

Milo is a Jewish homosexual openly claiming to be the key representative of our movement.

How are we even having a conversation about whether or not we should directly attack him?

Seriously, ask yourself that.

Who came up with the idea of having a conversation about “oh well, maybe it’s good if a Jewish tranny just goes ahead and becomes the public spokesman for the Nazi movement…”?

Because if you can answer why that is even a question at all, you might get a glimpse at something bigger happening here. There is definitely something bigger happening here. There are moves being made which involve Jews, the feds, etc.

These people are trying to kike us from all sides.


Milo himself just wants to be a celebrity, and Hillary Clinton gave a speech about something that had no official definition. But look – he is also a Jew. He has these genes. And they are acting, whether he knows it consciously or not, to hurt the White race.

Anyone who is not talking about anti-Semitism as the primary foundation of the Alt-Right is trying to kike us.

We shall resist.

I wish Milo still had Twitter, because we could storm this faggot.

As it stands, people need to go to his events. Confront him at question time. Put him in a position where he can’t respond with witticisms. And no, it doesn’t matter if his audience of liberal Republican college students boo you. You’re doing this for YouTube.

I will have more details on this operation, as well as schedules for his tour, in the near future. We’re going full on.

This kike has declared war.

And the challenge has been accepted.

It is us or him.

And you’re either with us or against us.


Hail Victory.