Kiddy Diddling Black Tries to Diddle Another Kid

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2018

Hide yo keedz, niggas b crazy out der.


An accused child predator was caught in the act again in Hernando County after deputies say he sent graphic images to a girl on Snapchat and asked for sex.

Deputies say Jordan Waters, 20, would stand outside of Explorer K-8 school on Northcliffe Boulevard in Spring Hill where the victim, 14, went to school and watch kids as they were dismissed.

He lives a block away and could see the driveway of the school from his home.

Deputies say Waters somehow got the girl’s Snapchat username and admitted to sending her graphic pictures and videos.

The girl explained that she was only 14, but deputies say Waters told her he didn’t care and that he was 20.

Investigators say deputies used the girl’s phone to arrange a meeting with Waters at Delta Woods Park on Deltona Boulevard for a hook up.

Deputies arrested him when he arrived.

Waters was already on probation for a similar crime against a child in 2016.