Kevin Spacey Uses Homosexual Assault Charges as Opportunity to Stage Comeback

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2018

If you do not understand the mind of the homosexual, this is slightly puzzling – to say the least.


On Thursday, Spacey was charged with indecent assault and battery for an alleged incident that occurred in July 2016 in Massachusetts, the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office told BuzzFeed News.

The charges come after former Boston TV news anchor Heather Unruh alleged in November 2017 that Spacey had groped her then–18-year-old son at a local restaurant the year prior.

At a news conference at the time, Unruh said her son met Spacey at the Club Car restaurant on Nantucket in July 2016 and was “star-struck.” The actor allegedly bought him “drink after drink” before reaching his hand down the teenager’s pants and groping his genitals.

The teenager, whom Unruh did not name, was allegedly approached by a woman while Spacey was in the bathroom. She asked if he was okay and told him to run away, and he did.

“Shame on you for what you did to my son,” Unruh said at the news conference.

In October 2017, Rent actor Anthony Rapp told BuzzFeed News Spacey had made an unwanted sexual advance on him when he was 14. Since then, many more men have accused Spacey of sexual assault. Spacey was fired from his hit Netflix show House of Cards as a result.

Following reports of the criminal complaint against him, Spacey released a video Monday in which he appeared to reference the allegations against him through acting as his former House of Cards character, Frank Underwood.

The video, titled “Let Me Be Frank,” was posted on YouTube and tweeted from Spacey’s account.

“I know what you want,” Spacey says in the video. “Oh sure, they may have tried to separate us, but what we have is too strong, it’s too powerful.

“And after all, we shared everything, you and I,” he continues. “I told you my deepest, darkest secrets. I showed you exactly what people are capable of. I shocked you with my honesty but mostly I challenged you and made you think. And you trusted me even though you knew you shouldn’t.”

“So we’re not done, no matter what anyone says,” he continues. “And besides, I know what you want — you want me back.”

People are shocked by this shocking video.

It is not shocking to me, as I understand that the homosexual nature is simply the personal and professional drive of a man combined with the abject materialism, complete lack of empathy and pure narcissism of a woman.

When viewed through that lens, it becomes difficult to understand how Kevin Spacey kept himself from doing this for over a year.

It is a totally obvious move, to appeal to his former fandom while hinting at the alleged oppression he’s faced as a homosexual to make demands that his career be immediately restored to him.

I always said that he’s the only person who was metooed who I am certain is going to make a full comeback. Because our society doesn’t care about teenage boys, at all, while exalting the empowered female, who is always a victim and wears her victimhood as a crown, to a saintly status.

Some of the Jews accused may make comebacks, I don’t know. There will certainly be a lot of pressure to allow this, and some of the minor ones – such as Louis CK, who was charged only with masturbating at women without asking – have already been allowed back.

The system attempts to present itself as though it deals with “white” Jewish men the same way it deals with actual white men, but this is clearly not the reality of how things work. In practice, Jewish people, including secular Jewish men who are viewed as “white” by the majority of society, are the de facto most privileged class, as they are the absolute and unopposed ruling class. However, there is a bit of a conflict with the ideology that the Jewish ruling class has sold the masses and the self-evident privilege of the Jews, so it is probable that not all of the Jewish men who have been accused will be allowed to come back, because someone has to pay for the violation of the sacredness of eternal female victimhood, and they weren’t able to find a goy scapegoat to take the fall.

The media scrambled to find a goy who had committed sins large enough to be able to overshadow those of Weinstein and the rest of the big Jews.

But there simply was no one they could stick it on, so the face of metoo remains Jewish.

Preying on teenage boys violates no value of the system, and so Spacey’s crimes are ultimately going to be viewed as victimless. If anything, he is the victim, because he is a member of a victim class who is being accused by members of an oppressor class. This is similar to a Middle Ages situation where a peasant street whore accuses a nobleman of rape – she has no right to accuse her social better of a crime in the first place, and even if he committed the act, it wasn’t a crime because he is her social better.

The Spacey tweet has nearly 50,000 likes.

And there are plenty of people in the comments section supporting him.

And you can’t be convicted of groping a grown man in a restaurant without any evidence, years ago. Even a woman would have a hard time making a charge like that stick.

So this case, which he is bound to win, will serve as a platform for him to claim general innocence. He obviously knows that, which is why he released this video.