Kentucky Governor Goes All Out Against ProPublica Kikes, Gets Accused of Hating Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2018

I’ve said for a very long time now that the term “anti-Semitism” applies not only to people who criticize Jews as a group, but anyone who criticizes individual Jews.

I think the Jews are probably overplaying that card, but who knows. They’d know better than me. Actually they probably wouldn’t, but whatever, let them do their thing.

Anyone who is against globalism, international banking scams, mass nonwhite migration into white countries or ProPublica smears – all are virulent Jew haters.

What I will say is that Matt Bevin does talk like he’s pretty woke.

But still: all he is doing is criticizing individual Jews. He doesn’t ever say “these people are Jews.”

The fact that an anti-racist organization run by sub-prime mortgage scammers makes everyone think “Jew” is on the Jews. It’s the Jews who need to be asking themselves what kind of image of themselves they’ve put out there.


Kentucky’s governor denied his attack on a collaboration between a local newspaper and investigative journalism project ProPublica was anti-Semitic because he singled out Jewish funders of ProPublica.

Among the funders Republican Gov. Matt Bevin names are the founders of ProPublica, Herbert and Marion Sandler, who have given over a billion dollars to largely progressive philanthropic causes, and billionaire George Soros, a frequent target of anti-Semitic, right-wing conspiracy theories. Bevin called him “George (I Hate America) Soros” in a video posted to YouTube on Wednesday blasting the partnership shortly after it was announced.

“This is the sad reality of the Courier-Journal, which pretends that it’s an actual news organization or a publication, is so remarkably biased they are now full in bed with this particular organization,” Bevin said in the video.

Go look at ProPublica’s “leadership” page.

These are not just normal “kike the goyim” anti-racist Jews, they are all finance Jews.

I don’t know why a bunch of Wall Street Jews specifically are funding this anti-racist smear group, because Jews usually tend to delineate their roles in kiking over the goyim in various ways. But whatever the reasoning, this group is run by Jew bankers.

In a tweet in which he included the video, Bevin wrote: “OUTRAGEOUS. ProPublica, a left-wing activist group funded by the likes of George Soros, is now funding . . . ‘investigative reporting’ at the @courierjournal. Is this the future of journalism?

ProPublica’s director, Richard Tofel, on Twitter suggested Bevin’s attack was “dog whistling anti-Semitism in which he can’t manage to use the word ‘Jewish.’”

Yeah okay.

But the thing is: was there any way to call-out sub-prime mortgage scammers running a far-left political activist group without “dog-whistling anti-Semitism”?

Yes, when people think of banking scams, far-left politics and lying journalists, they think of Jews. That is not Matt Bevin’s fault. 


ProPublica is a Wall Street Jew-funded activist group that does fake investigative reporting to smear individuals and get things that Jews don’t like shut down.

Their main project is called “Documenting Hate,” which is a doxing campaign to silence anyone who is publicly critical of Jews or nonwhites by destroying their lives.

They are the group that got the Feds to go after the Rise Above Movement. They work directly with Antifa groups to turn stuff over to the FBI, because the FBI can’t do this work because it violates the Fifth Amendment. But once it’s put out there by a private group, the Feds can act on it.

What Bevin is addressing is a larger phenomenon of ProPublica “collaborating” with various local newspapers. This is happening everywhere now.

Are you ready for the list of journalistic outlets this organization is collaborating with?

Because I’m about to post the list.

Get ready.

So let’s just go ahead and try to imagine a universe in which journalism is not Jewish enough, in which they decide to send in a group of Wall Street Jews to take-over the reporting on local and national news outlets.

Just imagine that world, then realize that this is the world you are living in.

And if anyone questions it, that same organized Jewish operation will smear you as an anti-Semite, because it is pure hatred for the length of the nose to talk about subprime mortgage scammers running a left-wing journalism cartel.