Keep Calm: Man Who Died from Exploding Vape was Vaping a Filipino Pipe Bomb

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2018

Okay so yes.

A guy’s vape mod exploded and shot shrapnel through his head and he died.

Fox News:

A 38-year-old Florida man was killed when the vape pen he was using exploded, launching two pieces of the object into his head. Tallmadge “Wake” D’Elia’s official cause of death, which is the first e-cigarette fatality in the U.S., was listed as “projectile wound of the head” and ruled accidental.

D’Elia, who died on May 5, also suffered burns on nearly 80 percent of his body, The Tampa Bay Times reported. Firefighters discovered him in an upstairs bedroom at the St. Petersburg home after responding to a fire alarm. At the time of his death, D’Elia was using a “mod” type of Smok-E Mountain Mech Works pen that was manufactured in the Philippines.

“This is a terrible shock,” Christopher D’Elia, the man’s father, told ABC Action News. “Anybody who has lost a son doesn’t want anybody else to lose a child to something like this. A 38-year-old should not be gone, and his mother and I are devastated.”

The report did not reveal a cause for the device explosion, but a representative told ABC Action News that it was likely due to an atomizer or battery issue. The company said they’ve encountered previous issues with other manufacturers creating imitation batteries.

I can tell you right now it wasn’t the atomizer. That is pretty much physically impossible.

It was the mod itself that caused the battery to explode, or a bad battery.

For those who don’t know about vaping, a brief run-down of how these things work and what the terms mean:

A “mod” is basically just a battery pack. They come in different shapes, but they are all a case of some sort that holds one or two batteries. The atomizer is a separate piece of hardware that screws into the mod. The atomizer is where the juice is stored, wherein their are metal coils which use cotton wicks to absorb the juice before “vaporizing” it with heat.

Here’s a diagram of something similar to what the dead guy was using.

All of the sites selling this mod have obviously removed it now, but it was not simply manufactured in the Philippines – it was designed there. And it was effectively built like a pipe bomb – a solid piece of metal with a screw on bottom. Meaning that when the battery blew, there was nowhere for the pressure to release, so it blew-up like a bomb.

Here is what it looks like.

Like a pipe bomb.

Here’s a review from 2014 (it was a very old mod, I don’t even know where he got it, unless he’d literally used it for four years – new models are coming in and out all the time, I buy a new mod at least once a year).

Generally, the bottom cap of the pen is attached magnetically, so in the case of catastrophic explosion, there will be an easy pressure release valve.

But again – Filipino design.

Not safe.

Pipe bomb.

Pens are not often used anymore anyway, in favor of the “box mod” which contains two batteries.

These mods have side doors magnetically attached which, in the case of catastrophic battery failure, will open up and allow and pressure to be easily released out the side.

Yes, you could get burns on your fingers, but that’s a lot better than having your face blown off or a piece of shrapnel shot into your brain.

But Let’s be Real

The only way it is going to explode is if it is already super-hot. And the batteries are cheap. He had to have been feeling the heat of the mod, and just decided not to let it cool down. And if he’s using a 4-year-old mod, who knows what kind of battery he was using.

And to be Even More Real

You’re less likely to die from vaping than you are from a shark attack. Or a bee attack. Millions of people vape, and so far just this one guy died. There have been other accidents of course, but those were also due to stupidity in design and stupidity in use – combined. One or the other alone cannot do it.

Most modern mods detect heat and will automatically shut off when they get too hot. Most any mod of any era is not built like a pipe bomb.

So seriously, guys.

Don’t start smoking again because one retard blew his head off with a shit-tier Filipino pipe bomb mod he overheated.

Just make sure you’ve got good quality equipment designed in America, Germany or the UK, make sure you keep the heat to a minimum, and you will be fine.

Keep calm and vape on.

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