Juncker Vows to Stop Speaking English as Revenge for Brexit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2017

Being a raging alcoholic is an excuse for a lot of different sorts of things.

But it isn’t an excuse for acting like a little baby.


The war of words continued between London and Brussels on Friday, with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker saying he would stop speaking English because it is “losing importance.”

The dig came as Juncker prepared to give a speech in French on Friday morning.

“Slowly but surely, English is losing importance,” he joked.

The comment will surely not please the British Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, who has called on Commission officials to keep “their views to themselves.”

The fracas comes after a series of cantankerous remarks exchanged by officials in both cities, following a dinner hosted for Juncker at Downing Street last week.

Details of the diplomatic dinner were leaked to the German press, describing how Juncker and Prime Minister Theresa May “clashed” over a number issues, with the Eurocrat quoted as saying he was “10 times more skeptical than I was before” about the prospects for negotiations.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Friday morning, Fallon criticized Juncker, saying the whole negotiation process “would certainly be easier if Commission officials kept their views to themselves and not further complicate what is already going to be a tough negotiation.

“It’s clear from Theresa May’s reaction that she is prepared, whatever the Commission officials are doing in Brussels, the bureaucrats, she is prepared to stand up for Britain’s vital national interests in these very complicated talks.”

Fallon added that “any criticism of Commission officials is fair, that leaking should not have occurred, it was a very one-sided account of a dinner meeting.”

He supported May’s belligerent rhetoric too, saying the PM “was right to point out to everybody that these negotiations are going to be not just difficult, but extremely tough, and to rightly point out how they are going to be dealt with.”

The defense secretary’s statement came mere hours after Brexit Secretary David Davis argued a “line was crossed” by Europe when it suggested Britain could be made to pay a €100 billion (£84.5 billion/US$110 billion) “exit bill.” The EU is “trying to bully the British people,” Davis told an audience at BBC Question Time.

“The British people will not be bullied, and the government will not allow them to be bullied,” he added.

Juncker must be a reptilian or in some kind of exclusive contact with them.

There is literally no other reason this sort of a man-child would be allowed to hold the position he holds.

“Fail me again, Juncker, and your liquor cabinent is toast.” -Reptoid Command Central

He isn’t even competent.

Britain owes the EU absolutely nothing.

If Britain had any balls, they would refuse to give them a single cent, and instead send them a bill for trillions.

There is no math equation wherein Britain’s membership in the EU did anything good for them.

They talk about this “visa free travel” – well hey, I’m not in the EU, and I get stamped on entry in every single European country. It takes a total of 7 minutes (depending on how long the line is, it may take up to 7 minutes).

The right of British people to work in the EU in no way makes up for the right of Poles to drive down wages so far you have to start looking for other countries to work in.

This whole situation is and always has been absurd.

If Britain needs more free trade partners, they should start colonizing third world countries again.

Britain, you used to be cool.