Jordan Peterson Squirms When Asked Why He Kicked Faith Goldy Off a Panel for a Daily Stormer Interview

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2017

Wow, Jordan Peterson is a real weasel. I actually like this guy and have defended him.

But here he is during the Q and A of the “Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses” panel being asked why it was that he kicked Faith Goldy off of the panel for doing a podcast with Azzmador.

His answer was pure weaselry – he said that she didn’t ask Azzmador enough questions.


She was the one being interviewed. She was being asked the questions.

The other guy on the panel – I don’t know who he is, just some guy – said they banned her because otherwise people would have rioted and shut down the event. He said it was a “pragmatic” decision. If Peterson would have said that, I would have been like “well, that’s pretty cowardly, but okay, whatever.”

Instead he gave weird Talmudic reasoning, blaming her for the decision because she allegedly didn’t fulfill an esoteric requirement he’d set for her without her knowledge.

Once again, we see that these Alt-Lite characters are not willing to push back against anything at all. The only thing they do is come out with arguments and facts that were mainstream talking points 10-15 years ago, and pretend it’s revolutionary.

It is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

And yes, I do like a lot of what Peterson says. Okay. And if he would have given a straight answer like, “look – we just don’t want to deal with that,” then I’d have kept more respect than I’m keeping now.

But that answer was real bad.

You can talk about hypocrisy in light of the claim of supporting “free speech” – and that’s valid.

But the bigger issue is simply this: what is the one thing that you’re not allowed to talk about freely, no matter what?

What is the reason that the Daily Stormer is the most censored publication in all of human history?

Is there one specific issue that we cover heavily that other publications are afraid to touch?

Faith Goldy has shown herself to be the single Alt-Lite personality with balls.

So please, support her any way you can. 

And stop supporting people like Jordan Peterson who are at ultimately at war with with the same piece of ‘speech’ that the entire system is at war with.

That one specific question.

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