Jordan Peterson Does OK in Interview with Liberal Commissar – Woopdidoo

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2018

I’m no fan of this guy. Tired of his constant counter-signaling of the Alt-Right.

But he did pretty well…by normie low-T soy boy standards. I mean this interview was something else. This woman was out for blood. The interview was more like an interrogation by a NKVD commissar of a kulak or whatever.

In the beginning, he immediately starts with the whole “man-up and grow-up” argument which made me roll my eyes.

Look. The crisis of masculinity has EVERYTHING to do with the kikes, mass Third World immigration skewing sex ratios, feminism and the Deep Soy State.

And White Sharia is the answer – instituted after the mass cleansing of scum from our countries of course.

Anyways Jordan “Boomer Step-Dad” Peterson admits that he’s a surrogate dad in the first five minutes. Meanwhile, the interviewer rags on him for not having a large female audience.

The UK is so far gone that this is considered sexism, having an idea or a product or being a personality that men like.

The interview goes sour almost immediately. It’s not clear what Jordan even said to get this bitch to start grinding her PMS-soaked ax against him.

And this is just a classical liberal from the nineties saying classical liberal talking points. If an Identitarian ever went on the show, it would just devolve into screetching thirty seconds in.

This woman was ready to slit his throat over saying that the pay gap doesn’t exist. And on and on she went asking him leading questions. Her pilpul levels and curly hair are making me wonder…

…Kathy Newman.

Yeah, she’s almost defs a kikess.

That’s something that Jordan B. Peterson would never allow himself to notice by the way. It would help him a lot to notice these…tendencies and group differences. Something that he has no problem doing when it pertains to gender differences…Curious.

Whatever, lots of people are effeminate soy boys nowadays and there’s nothing we can do about it.

They like this guy and he’s willing to say that women and men are different – which is a radical notion.

There’s this moment though at 20:07 that you just have to watch. Cathy literally demands him to explain why he thinks free speech is more important than a tranny’s right to not be offended. Seriously. She actually asked that. This woman is Tumblr come to life.

The professor’s reaction is priceless.

He literally lets his jaw drop for an impressive hang-time of one second. Which is not as impressive as when he makes her conceed that he “got her” as she sits, dumb-founded at her kike-logic being turned against her, trying to come up with a comeback to his reasonable defense of free speech.

Man, watching this interview just makes me wonder if this is really what we’ve come to.

Its like the Left is getting crazier and crazier, no matter how many hits they take and how much they risk alienating the normies. They smell blood in the water and they’re out there going in for the kill.

In other words, they’re arrogant, and the mask is slipping off. And I think we may actually have a chance to get out of this nightmare if they over-reach.

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  1. This faggot goes right into the trash. Peterson’s “classical liberalism” isn’t a gateway drug into nazism, but an obstacle. He’s an egalitarian through and through.

  2. Allin says:

    We did speak of a goal of destroying the left by the next election, and it looks like they are doing all they can to help us with that goal.

  3. Ricardo Spencer splits hairs about child pron on livestream tonight. The altRight as we know it is over boys. The Dawn of American Nationalism is at hand

  4. _DH_ says:

    I could only stand 2-3 minutes of this. I mean, this guy feels that young men are in need of soothing words, in need of love? No, what they’re in need of is an arena to prove their masculinity. Women are the ones desperately in need of words and love, not men. Men aren’t women, Peterson.

    I honestly don’t get how this psychologist can think he’s of any appeal or value to young men. He’s just something the Jew establishment flashes before them, hoping he can be their pied piper.

    If men are in need of words and a mentor, it’s from men like this guy - the late Ultimate Warrior. Now, his little video is inspiring, unlike JP’s work.

  5. Wayne says:


    But they don’t realize the day of the rope.

  6. What an unhinged loser, she was babbling like a autistic retarded hormonal teenager. In the real world she wouldn’t be able to hold down a job.
    It’s what it sounds like when my friends are arguing with their kids.

    Peterson has a weird energy around him, it’s impossible for me to accept that a person with such an intellect and time to study could have missed the jew connecting all the dots to all that sucks in modern times.

  7. He’s surrounded by kikes. His entire field, his neighbors, likely around half his friends are kikes.

  8. shekels

    His patreon is over a million dollars per year

  9. Jordan Peterson looks like Obama with white skin.

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