Jordan Peterson Demands the Goyim Stop Noticing…!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

Like all Boomers, Jordan Peterson is woefully behind the times.

It seems that he has only just figured out the triple parentheses meme.

And he is outraged by it. Outraged! 

The goyim have blood on their hands! Noticing led directly to the synagogue shooter lighting up on old Jews performing a peaceful genital mutilation ceremony!

Man, I remember when this guy was just getting started and he was being shilled on places like /pol/. No one could ever concretely point out what this guy was saying that was so amazing. I watched his lectures on YouTube and thought to myself, “this is some basic bitch tier shit.” 

Like the cliff notes to Carl Jung. Nothing useful for actual self-improvement or for facing your internal demons whatsoever. And the people who would shill for this guy seemed to just get a high from saying that they listened to him. Like, it just made them feel better to hear him mumble some basic bitch tier shit about Jungian archetypes and they felt smarter for citing him to other people.

Still, I held out hope, because all the guys that JBP said he drew inspiration from were vicious anti-Semites.

I figured it was a frog-whistle at the time. Boy, was I wrong.

Anyways, here is what he said about us again:

Let’s – as they like to say in (((academia))) – deconstruct this statement.

First things first: “pathetically fashionable antisemitism.” 

Is this JBP admitting that our ideas are quite popular? That he laments the fact that he can’t convince his students to stay on the straight and narrow path of enlightened individualism and see too many of them straying over to the dark side – to us?

Second thing: collective apportioning of blame.

So this guy makes a career of telling white kids to not think like collectivists, and then he blames our collective for the crimes of some rando fed-nigger who happens to share the same pale complexion that we do.


The good doctor contradicts himself, I see. And all because he’s got shekels on his mind and because he wants to Judas his people for a Dr. Phil style show on cable.

He could have been one of us…

But Dr. Pavel – I mean Peterson – refused our offer in favor of the kikes.

He may well find that betraying his natural audience is not profitable at all.