Jon Fink, You Rat Fink! JVI Luxury Packaging is Shit!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2019

I’m gonna start publishing rude emails again until people stop sending them.

Welcome to the improved Daily Stormer regular column “Don’t Email Me or My Son Ever Again.”

Our first contestant is Jon Fink, President and Founder of JVI packaging.

Mr. Anglin,

I finally read some of your Daily Stormer…..well, it is amazing to see someone as young as you continue to perpetuate these worn out myths……

I do not know why you possess such hatred of those different from you, but at the end of your life, believe me that their Karma will have totally run over your dogma.

Please continue to stay in whatever fascist rat hole you are currently residing in. I agree with you that you’d be wise to not return to the US.

What a totally fucked up life you have managed to create for yourself.

Good luck sport, you’ll need it…..with all the “jew” lawyers who are certainly on your case….will make a great spectacle as you will be outed and bankrupted.

Jon Fink, actually Buddhist…sure you probably hate them as well.

Please continue to fuck goats so as to secure the purity of your race.

Jon Fink

President and Founder

615 Cami Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Office: 434-979-0585
Fax: 434-977-4356
Toll Free: 1-800-991-1327

Or course he has to advertise his company to me as he tells me to fuck goats because of Buddhism.

Be sure to NOT use the luxury packaging services of Jon Fink of 625 Cami Lane, Charlottesville, Virginia, whose phone number is 1-800-991-1327. He’s a real piece of shit who wastes people’s time with stupid emails.

No wonder his Google Reviews are so terrible.

He is also rude and vulgar and talks about sex with goats to strangers while trying to teach them lessons about love and Buddha like some kind of lunatic.

He also apparently spends a lot of time reading Nazi websites, which is evil.