John Oliver Begs Audience to Buy Judenpresse Subscriptions Out of Charity

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2016

A few weeks ago, the ideological organ of the outgoing American regime, the New York Times, reported a 19% fall in ad revenue during the ongoing tumultuous transition of Jews away from the waning power of print to cyber space.

The editorial line of the New York Times is an impractical mix of globalism, racial and economic neo-liberalism, subtle ultra-Zionism, and rationalizations for the sexual molestation of children. It’s safe to say that the Gray Yentl, alongside the Washington Post, have increasingly small audiences when it comes to their Jewish worldview, and will soon be annihilated by ascendant competition looking to fill the vacuum, such as Breitbart for the very milquetoast moderates, and the Daily Stormer for the growing number of people clamoring for more.


We mainstream now.

HBO’s John Oliver in his first post-election rant was recently instructed by his Jewish producers to plead with his audience of ‘SWPL’ Daily Show refugees (they moved away from that diverse disaster just like they continue to flee California) to put aside their latte and kale money for charity, such as subscriptions to the New York Times and Washington Post.

“You need to support actual journalism by buying a subscription to outlets like The [New York] Times, The [Washington] Post, your local newspaper, or donate to groups like ProPublica, a nonprofit group which does great investigative journalism,” Oliver said.


In the segment, Oliver regurgitated what many Jewish controlled organizations have been expressing fear about: that the freedom Goyim have on the internet to communicate to each other unfiltered was destroying the credibility and loosening the tight grip on information of the heavily hirsute yet frail fist on our information chokepoints.

Oliver’s plea to give charitable money to giant media corporations and elite Zionist think-tanks has apparently had some success. Among the media entities name dropped, Oliver’s script writers mentioned “non-profit” anti-white propaganda nerve center ProPublica, a coalition of media moguls that is more Kikey than a Chinese takeout on Christmas Day.

Here is the entire list of their staff:

  • Paul Steiger (Jew) , Executive Chairman
  • Herbert Sandler (Jew), Founding Chairman
  • Mark Colodny (Jew)
  • Henry Louis Gates , Jr
  • Claire Hoffman (probable Jew)
  • Bobby Monks
  • Robert L. Olson (White Gentile, but award-winning Shabbos Goy)
  • Paul Sagan (Jew)
  • Donald Sussman (Jew)
  • Kat Taylor (married to Jewish billionaire Tom Steyer)
  • Tom Unterman (Hardcore Jew)


  • Jill Abramson (Jew)
  • David Boardman (Jew)
  • Raymond T. Bonner
  • Robert A. Caro (Jew)
  • Sheila Coronel
  • L. Gordon Crovitz (Jew)
  • David Gergen
  • Tom Goldstein (Jew)
  • Isaac Lee (Jew)
  • Shawn McIntosh
  • Priscilla Painton (Jew)
  • David Shribman (Jew)
  • Allan Sloan (Jew)
  • Kerry Smith
  • Cynthia Tucker

So, more or less, John Oliver is asking his presumably left-wing upper middle class white viewers to turn out the pockets in their skinny jeans so that a collection of Jewish mass media million and billionaires called ProPublica can impose themselves as judges of what is journalism and what isn’t.

Don’t these Gentile leftists wonder why Black Lives Matter takes off, while the grassroots Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions anti-Zionist movement does not? Do they really think the mainstream media is motivated by profit, when the only shows to see an explosion in ratings were the only two that weren’t anti-Trump (O’Reilly Factor and the Hannity Show)? Don’t the self-proclaimed anti-capitalists on the left find it suspicious that all the global capitalists agree with them on everything other than certain economic issues?

So what is the Jewish view on “responsible journalism”?  CNN president (((Jeff Zucker))) recently stated that the reason Trump won the election is because he showed a few of his rallies on TV without editing them to make him look bad.


And that there is the crux of their problem. Two goys having a political discussion = the end of Jewry, in their minds. They may not be wrong – given the kind of policies they promote, even they sometimes express surprise that Gentiles aren’t beating them in the street.

They can keep pouring cash into the Jew York Times’ rattling coffee cup if they’d like. The tsunami of world history is coming to drown them, and us national revolutionaries are surfing it until ’til they hang loose .