John Legend: “It’s Hard Being a White Male Conservative in America. They Shall Overcome.”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 16, 2015

Black bastard John Legend, who is apparently a singer of some sort, recently appeared on the Daily Show with the ratlike Jew Jon Leibowitz to discuss Southern Rites, his new HBO documentary about alleged racism in Georgia.

The Jew Leibowitz described the propaganda film as “heartbreaking.” Because a Jew’s heart breaks for the Blacks. Unless they’re in Israel, in which case a Jew’s heart calls them “infiltrators” and locks them in concentration camps.

“I’m just struck by the anger and defensiveness on the side of people when you say racism still exists in America,” Leibowitz said.

“Some racism is very easy to identify, the Donald Sterlings of the world, the people who use the N-word in a malicious way,” the nigger responded. “But a lot of racism is structural.”

Legend then mumbled, confused, about a gigantic racist conspiracy in the criminal justice system, citing sentencing, indictments and jury selection as part of a White agenda to hurt Black people for reasons yet unknown. He said: “all of these things that end up discounting the value of black lives.”

“We don’t want to talk about racism all of the time. If it weren’t here, if we didn’t have to deal with it every day, we would love for it not to be the subject of conversation,” he lied “We would love not have to keep bringing this up but it’s killing our kids, it’s resulting in so much pain and suffering for our community, so we have to bring it up.”

He did not explain how it was “killing our kids,” but we can assume he wants us to continue to believe that Trayvon and Big Mike were innocent victims shot to death by Whites out of pure hatred, even while the court system has already shown that both of these rabid monkeys were killed in self-defense after attacking a Mexican and a White man, respectively, for no reason.

This has all gotten so incredibly goofy.

Leibowitz went on to attack anyone who questioned Michelle Obama’s bizarre “the President and I are victims, you are all victims as well” speech at Tuskegee University last weekend.

Legend smugly replied: “It’s hard being a White male conservative in America.”

As a White male conservative, I can confirm this, John. But I cannot imagine how it compares to the difficulty of being born into a protected minority class with virtually unlimited privileges in university applications, job hiring and welfare allotment, among other things. A minority worshipped by the majority as possessing feelings which are sacred and above objective reality, a minority which commits crimes on a massive scale and yet is never collectively questioned for their behavior, a minority which now appears to be successfully lobbying for the right to attack and kill members of the majority with impunity.

Man, it must be hard. And you’re in the hardest spot, being a member of this group that evil White people decided to make a celebrity and hand over millions of dollars to out of pure hatred.

I feel for you, bro. It’s an act of heroism for you to even get up in the morning, knowing that the whole world is against you.

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