Joe Rogan Puts Foot Down on Adam Conover’s Plan to Turn Children Into Trannies

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2019

Adam Conover, the smug host of “Adam Ruins Everything,” is very aggressive with his homosexuality. It oozes out of every pore in his body. In fact, I feel 2.5% more gay just having heard him speak and you will too once you see this Joe Rogan interview he did last week.

Adam wants to inject children with hormones in order to destroy them forever as part of some kind of social justice science experiment, and Joe fights back.

Few people seem to understand that the HOMO pathogen can be spread through electronic mediums and that you can catch second-hand gay from spending time with a homosexual OR a soyboy, who most likely is a carrier of the pathogen without even realizing it.

Now, I had to look up Adam Conover because I was unfamiliar with his work and why exactly he wanted to pump children full of HRT. His Wikipedia page confirms that he is a massive “cuuuuck” but doesn’t say much else about him.

I was surprised to find out that Adam Conover is not open about the fact that he is infected with The Gay, nor does he seem to have any remorse for actively spreading the pathogen with his reckless behavior.

How are we to reconcile his aggressive homosexuality with his apparent lack of Gayness? 

His uptalking MilleniSpeak, thick-rimmed glasses, and desire to fuck with kids come off as so extreme that I’ve begun to suspect that Adam is, in fact, doing a bit. He’s doing a caricature of what a straight man thinks a gay man acts like.

More proof: he’s got a meatspace waifu.


As regards his sexual orientation, Adam has not said anything about that. However, he has been in a very long relationship with his girlfriend, Lisa Hanawalt, for about 10 years now. His relationship status in those years has never changed to “single”, and he has always said that he feels “gay” in his loving relationship with Lisa; probably not the other type of gay.

I don’t want to blow Adam’s cover here, because the average person might walk away from that Joe Rogan interview thinking that Adam is a homosexual who gets off on abusing kids like all homosexuals do, but boy, am I confused.

On the one hand, lots of Millennial men flirt with homosexuality because it’s now cool and because the frumpy chicks dig it. This may be what Adam was doing, but when you add the fact that he’s a comedian and an actor, another explanation comes to mind.

Perhaps he got stuck in a bit and hasn’t been able to walk back from the character that he created.

Because if you start doing gay things, the Gay gradually begins to take over your body and mind – and this may just be what is occurring with Adam. He’s in a gay spiral from his own retardedly high levels of wokeness that he can’t escape from and that’s going to tragically end with him cutting off his own dick because that’s what his woke Gay/Tranny persona would logically do.

Spooky stuff.

Alternatively, Adam may not be gay but wishes that he was.

Now we’ve had our Shaun Kings and our Rachael Dolezals, but so few time and attention are given to the part-time recreational/amateur homosexuals out there who are trying to will themselves into being gay. And since we know that The Gay works like an XP bar, I believe that every time you see a straight man doing gay things, that they are trying to make with the *bing bing wahoo!* and level up their Gay.

Anyways, Joe Rogan had enough of Adam’s prancing and uptalking and MilleniSpeak and put him in his place and told him that it wasn’t OK to pump kids full of HRT.

He BTFO’d Adam with “facts and reason” – as the kids like to say.

It was one of those rare moments where even Joe had to draw the line and put the foot down on the nonsense.

I think the child tranny thing is a bridge too far for even complete shills like Joe. 

No one is OK with this stuff unless they are doing a fake gay caricature bit like Adam was.

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  1. This guy doesn’t stand out to me as gay. He looks like all the other soft millennial pooftas I deal with day to day. They all dress like dandy faggots and have the facial hair thing with the girly voices.

  2. Press ‘G’ to gas

  3. Rogan is a power bottom midget with creepy little sausage fingers.

  4. I was extremely happy to see Joe Rogan push back against Adam ConOver. It was joyfully painful to watch ConOver unable to package and sell child abuse to Rogan.

    “Millenials don’t exist”.

    Oh, lawd. That was a painful presentation. Convenient, too, since Adam ConOver embodies the worst characteristics of our generation.

  5. Has there ever been a more punchable face/voice than this Adam faggot?

  6. he talks jewy as fuck, just going in circles to avoid absolutes. he is a great example of why you shouldnt huff your own farts. he put so much effort into trying to be a galaxy brain that destroys misconceptions and reveals esoteric truths, he started believing nothing is real and he was sent by the gods to expose the reality of it. now he just sounds like a sped jew.

  7. “I’m no expert but I have heard from a few psycho trannies that we should inject kids with hormones and that’s good enough for me.”

    What if they told you all males should be injected with these hormones?

    “I haven’t looked at the reasearch but that’s definitely something we should consult with the experts on.”

    The experts being…

    “Psycho trannies.”

    I wish all the “experts” would just come out and tell these people to kill themselves.

    99% of climate scientists believe you should kill yourself, i mean its fucking peer reviewed bruh, dont you even science.

  8. Jewish faghag?

  9. I knew Adam Conover back when he was still doing open mics. That’s his real personality. That’s not some persona he invented. And it’s also not like fame got to him and he went Hollywood. He was that insufferable even back then.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say again, if you are a young guy who lives in a major city and is at all funny, consider infiltrating your local stand comedy scene. Make friends with everyone (especially the edgelords), make connections, build an audience, and have fun with it.
    In a few years, a few of the people you know will go on to get famous. More will go on and get writing jobs on TV. Others will get jobs writing for big websites. Infiltrating your comedy scene is a way to gain influence with other influencers many of whom will be behind enemy lines.

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