Joe Biden Comes Out and Demands “White Man’s Culture” Be Torn Down

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2019

Joe Biden should honestly just entertain the idea of getting a negroplasty. An operation to make him less white. A reverse Michael Jackson, if you will. It would be easier than trying to succeed with this pandering to brown people strategy.


Former Vice President Joe Biden urged Americans to tackle a “white man’s culture” dating back centuries that has allowed violence against women to perpetuate.

Biden has long worked to prevent violence against women, but his comments are notable coming amid speculation that he is close to entering the 2020 Democratic presidential field, the most diverse in history.

“We all have an obligation to do nothing less than change the culture in this country,” Biden said at an event at the Russian Tea Room in New York City Tuesday night, which was hosted by the Biden Foundation and It’s On Us, honoring students who have worked to end sexual assault on college campuses. “This is English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture. It’s got to change.” 

What exactly needs to change? The presumption of innocence when it applies to White men? Does Biden really believe this crazy SJW shit? Perhaps they have some pedo blackmail on him?

Now, I’ve heard the expression “empty suit” many times and I’ve always agreed with the notion that politicians say whatever they have to say to get elected. But the question arises: does Biden think that campaigning on destroying “the white man’s culture” and his system of laws is what he needs to do to get past the primaries OR does he actually believe this stuff?

Both answers are potentially interesting. 

If he’s got his finger on the pulse of the DNC and thinks that talking about destroying White people is the way to go, then what does that say about the DNC?  Well, it says what the Daily Stormer has been saying for years now – that the DNC is an anti-White party.

Like, why is this a conspiracy theory anymore? Joe Biden just came out and said it. It’s out there now. No one can claim to be ignorant at this point.

But if it’s the second thing, and Biden believes in destroying the White man, it shows just how far the Jewish mind virus has come. Because Joe Biden isn’t a soy boy. He isn’t even – and may Allah forgive me for uttering this word – a Boomer.

This man is pushing 80, which means that he’s Silent Gen and that he’s lived in a normal, healthy and White America for the vast majority of his life.

He’s an honorary Boomer though because he hates Millennials and quotes MLK.

I personally don’t think that Biden really believes in this stuff, but he figures that it’s better to be the head Kappo when the brown skins come to power.

A veteran politician like Joe Biden going out there and spouting Antifa talking points really melts the mind.

It makes you stop and realize just close we are to full-on World War White after all.

Top Comments

  1. I’d like to see one of these girls turn around and kick this old pervert right in the package.

  2. The mind of these anti-white traitors is so alien to me I simply can’t even comprehend. We shouldn’t even try to understand them. We simply have to defeat them.

  3. We’ll have plenty of time to study them when they are being vivisected in the camps. :joy::joy::joy:

  4. Of course he doesn’t. As noted, he’s spent half a century living in normal, white America.

    He’s a filthy pol who has been a heartbeat away from being POTUS and he thinks it’s his rightful turn to sit on throne after 8 years of obediently deep- inhaling Obola’s & Michael’s farts while they ridicule him and slapped him on the back of his head.

  5. freey says:

    Perhaps this shill could inform us which black run country he’d care to model the replacement ‘culture’ on.

    Fuck him and fuck faceshit and anybody else for attempting make defence of white civilisation, heritage and culture a bogus ‘hatecrime’.

    Retreat/ ostrich like behaviour is not going to be an option.

  6. “White culture is best culture.” -Azzmador in some video from a couple years ago.

    But sure, tear down Notre Dame and the Vatican and replace them with…mud huts or something.

  7. Warbaby, technically. Baby boom was after war.

  8. He has to be really careful linking white culture with abuse of females, because I am pretty sure whites score better than shitpeople in regard to this, and all those creepy photos of him fondling different females… The problem is that although it seems cracked to us, he’s appealing to an audience who are already mentally demoralized enough by JLeftism to follow his insane reasoning and rhetoric. I actually think the whole Sunk Cost phenomenon is real here for the Democrats - they cannot double back, and can only press on. Behind them destruction, ahead of them catastrophe.
    Jew Clown World has white women crowing for dismantling white culture a.k.a. The Patriarchy a.k.a. Toxic Masculinity a.k.a. Oppression which is ultimately correlated (so the illogic goes) with evil itself. Biden is appealing to these demoralized white shitlibs, not just brown people. Feeding the monkeys only encourages the chaos…

  9. But why is he popular with working class white men? Why is he popular with anyone at all? I just browsed his campaign website and there’s literally nothing there.

    Check it out for yourself. There’s an “America is best” statement. That’s all the content on the entire site. The menu in the top right just has one option: donate. The “I’m in”/continue button brings you to… a donate page.

    His entire website for his 2020 presidential campaign is a fucking donate page and he’s in first place. What does that tell you about the legitimacy of universal suffrage?

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