Jews of Kikeistan Whine About Swiss Funding of NGO Which is Exposing Israeli War Crimes

Daily Slave
June 7, 2015


The Jews of Kikeistan are whining about an NGO exhibition which is exposing Israeli war crimes.  The NGO is apparently being funded in some way by the Swiss government.

You have to laugh at the Jewish logic employed here.  Instead of reflecting on the fact that dropping bombs on women and children is wrong, they are complaining about the people who are exposing the evil things they are doing.  If the Jews would simply stop killing women and children in the Gaza Strip, they would not have to worry about people exposing the bad things they do.  The Jews appear to be incapable of understanding this very simple concept and this is what makes them so dangerous.

The Local:

Israel has lodged a formal protest with Bern over Swiss funding for an exhibit by an Israeli NGO critical of the army’s conduct in the Palestinian territories.

The exhibition, which opens in Zurich this week, is being staged by Breaking the Silence, a rights group whose members are veteran combatants who testify about the abuses they have seen or taken part in during their military service in the occupied Palestinian territories.

But Israel’s newly appointed deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely is determined to prevent the show from taking place, ordering both the ministry and Israel’s embassy in Bern to examine ways of preventing it, ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told AFP on Wednesday.

“We cannot accept the actions of an organization whose aim is to smear soldiers in the Israeli army in the international arena and to cause serious harm to Israel’s image,” he said.

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