Jews Might Start Shooting-Up More of Their Own Synagogues Now That They See the Money in It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 11, 2018

I have no doubt in my mind that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was an organized Jewish event.

I think that most likely the guy who did it was most likely a real Gab wignat crazy, but I think he had a handler who directed him to the location, and told him when to do it.

I’m also not fundamentally opposed to the theory that the entire thing was a hoax and that no one actually died. I never thought I would say that about a mass shooting event, but look: we have not see any bodies. We did not even see covered bodies being pulled out of the synagogue. And all the victims were old, the average age being 72.

We’ve gone over some of the weird stuff involving a shooting drill, the fact that the shooter Bowers’ Gab was archived hours before the attack, the fact that the former head rabbi missed attendance for the first time in 35 years because, he claims, his wife “had a feeling.”

We also have the fact that the SPLC released a plan to shut down even more of the internet 4 days before the attack, and the ADL released a similar plan the day before the attack.

Whatever the details, it was some kind of Jewish trick.

And of course – because of course – the Jews used the opportunity to beg for money.

They set their GoFundMe goal at 1.2 million – that’s $110,000 for every dead Jew – and they’ve almost met that goal.

The way GoFundMe is used is completely bizarre. I think the ostensible original purpose of a donation campaign after someone is murdered is to offset funeral costs. But a funeral doesn’t cost $110,000.

And this is normal with racial grievance situations.

DeAndre Harris, who got beat up after attacking white people with a bat at Charlottesville – got over $150,000 on his GoFundMe.

Ostensibly the crowdfunding could have been to pay medical bills for the stitches he had to get, which might cost a couple hundred dollars, but black people don’t pay medical bills in America.

Harris used this money to buy a Mercedes and make rap music videos.

Far from being intended to pay for actual costs of actual things, these racial victim GoFundMes are saying “give me money because I’m sad.” And people go along with this.

The money alone is enough reason for the Jews to stage another one of these hoax shootings.

Furthermore, they are pushing a narrative that “violence is rising” against them, so they’d do well doing more of these for that purpose.

We need to further investigate the shooting and try to figure out anything else weird about it, to cast further doubt. Normie are already going along with this “CIA black ops” narrative – they’ve been on-board with that since David Hogg was exposed as a crisis actor.

I also think Gab should consider shutting down its private messaging function. Twitter operated a long time without a private messaging function. And regrettable though it is, Gab has become the go to spot for lunatics and the feds who prey on such people. I absolutely agree with their plan to keep free speech in place, but the private messaging function is simply a liability to them and to the world, allowing fed shills to have a back channel of communication with unhinged crazies.