Jews Find a Birthright Citizenship They Don’t Like

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2018

Birthright citizenship as it exists now is a tool pushed for the displacement and elimination of the white race.

So of course, if it is white people coming to America to get citizenship for their babies, the Jews rage. Because that is the opposite of the goal here.

Thus is the case with Russian women performing this act.

In all honesty, if we regain control of our country, I don’t believe that we should allow some massive wave of poor white immigrants into America. I have heard people in the Alt-Right argue for that, and I don’t really understand it. With that said,  I do agree with pushing for this right now, because we’ve got a numbers game. They’re probably going to pass a law against Russian women doing this, simply because it is a good idea right now to do this.