Jews Debate Whether Populism is a Threat to Democracy

Diversity Macht Frei
July 7, 2018

Look at the list of participants in this debate.

Debate host: Eric Kaufmann, the Jew who does A/B testing to find out which messages get the goyim to accept their own ethnic engulfment and extinction most readily). He has a book coming out called “Whiteshift: immigration, populism and the myth of majority decline”.

Debate participants:

Yascha Mounk (Jew) – This is the Jew who boasted that “we are engaged in a unique historical experiment, transforming a mono-ethnic country into a multi-ethnic one”.

David Goodhart (Jew) – A Jew who graciously deigned to point out that white people had ethnic interests they should be allowed to defend, before being corrected by his fellow Jew David Aaronovitch. Note the “us and our legitimate white self-interests”.

Sasha Polakow-Suransky (Jew) – a South African Jew, author of “Go Back to Where You Came From”.

Oh, yes, and there’s Claire Fox, the token goyess they allowed in just to make it look real. Her thick accent gives off an impression of stupidity, which will no doubt set the smooth-talking Jews off to advantage.

Populism, of course, is democracy. So what the Jews are really saying here is “Is democracy a threat to our control? Could the goyim really find a way to break through our defences?”

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