Jews Debate Whether Populism is a Threat to Democracy

Diversity Macht Frei
July 7, 2018

Look at the list of participants in this debate.

Debate host: Eric Kaufmann, the Jew who does A/B testing to find out which messages get the goyim to accept their own ethnic engulfment and extinction most readily). He has a book coming out called “Whiteshift: immigration, populism and the myth of majority decline”.

Debate participants:

Yascha Mounk (Jew) – This is the Jew who boasted that “we are engaged in a unique historical experiment, transforming a mono-ethnic country into a multi-ethnic one”.

David Goodhart (Jew) – A Jew who graciously deigned to point out that white people had ethnic interests they should be allowed to defend, before being corrected by his fellow Jew David Aaronovitch. Note the “us and our legitimate white self-interests”.

Sasha Polakow-Suransky (Jew) – a South African Jew, author of “Go Back to Where You Came From”.

Oh, yes, and there’s Claire Fox, the token goyess they allowed in just to make it look real. Her thick accent gives off an impression of stupidity, which will no doubt set the smooth-talking Jews off to advantage.

Populism, of course, is democracy. So what the Jews are really saying here is “Is democracy a threat to our control? Could the goyim really find a way to break through our defences?”

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  1. These filthy eternal merchants sure have lying in their core. Perverting logic. Good article, DS is the only source for truth. Now the pathetic so called journalists around the western globe are going to copy this jewy discussion to seem smart.

  2. There is an advert on British TV running regularly about the importance of registering to vote and “making your voice heard” by some “Democracy” quango.

    The talking heads who features in the advert are the following:

    Indian Man
    Pair of lesbians (but not obviously so - it’s what they say implies they are a couple)
    Black Man
    Woman in Wheelchair
    Lesbians again

    Then the final frame about democracy and the hashtag.

    It goes without saying that there are no white men, because clearly they are a threat to British (((democracy))).

  3. Playing the “hello fellow white person” game again is getting so old.

  4. Wouldn’t it have been easier just to name Populism what it actually is, White Nationalism?

    After all, wouldn’t that name better enable the fear-mongering about white supremacy that has been used in the past to attack the movement?

    Here is why the cabal chose not to label the movement White Nationalism:

    1. It would acknowledge the source of the conflict - which is the growing awareness among whites that there have been active forces at work for decades that seek to undermine peoples of European descent, wherever they reside globally.

    2. It would inevitably encourage the kind of investigation into the phenomenon that would reveal the jewish role in that undermining process.

    3. By labeling it populism, there is an implication that it is a generic movement (on the part of all peoples) that is not disproportionately growing among only whites. If they labeled it White Nationalism it would identify and lend credibility to a movement that they fear would create a nexus around which other whites (that are not currently red-pilled) would rally. Being masters of media manipulation (not so much because they are so good at it, but more because they have monopoly control of it), they understand the dangers of movement identification.

    But most importantly, they have tried direct attacks on whites through labeling in the past and have failed. Just as there was a time where we needed to use code words for the “jew” for fear of reprisal, now the jew must use code words to refer to our growing movement.

    It’s called winning, brothers.

  5. bijuz says:

    I object to the book title ending in a preposition. It should be “Go Back Whence You Came.”

  6. My blood boils whenever I hear these hypocritical Jews spew their bizarro world doublethink.

    “It’s racist for Whites to have their own self interests, but it’s OK for Jews to.”

    “It’s not acceptable for White people to want to congregate amongst their own, but it’s totally acceptable for Jews to do so.”

  7. NHx says:


  8. "Is populism a threat to democracy?"
    The dirty Kike tricksters pose it as a question to sound unbiased and to make it sound like the kikes haven’t already made up their mind.
    We know their mind is already made up, they hate populism and will always demonize it.

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