Jews Claim Non-Jewish Immigration to Israel is Forming “Amalek in Our Midst”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2019

Amalek” is a word Jews use to describe racial enemies. It is the name of some tribe they fought during the bronze age. It is much more aggressive a term than “goyim,” which just means “animal” (Jews consider all non-Jews to be non-human), as it implies an active enemy.

And get this – they’re talking about people who are not Jewish enough. People who are not considered technically Jewish under Jewish law. They don’t let anyone who can’t make an argument that they are Jewish immigrate at all.

Breaking News Israel:

In 2018, for the first time ever, the majority of immigrants to Israel were not Jewish. One rabbi, an expert in the relevant Torah laws, argues that by mishandling this growing dilemma, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel is creating a new nation of Amalek within our midst.

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported that 33,000 immigrants came to Israel last year under the Law of Return. Of those, 12,600 new Israelis were Jewish and 17,700 were not. In comparison, in 2017, 52% of immigrants were recognized as Jewish. The Jewish Agency reported that of the 33,000 total, 17,000 immigrants came to Israel from Russia and Ukraine in 2018.

New immigrants, Jewish and those not technically considered as Jews, obtain citizenship through the Law of Return. Passed in 1950, the law gives Jews the right to come and live in Israel and gain full Israeli citizenship. At the time, the Knesset lawmakers could not come to a consensus about what constitutes Jewish identity. In 1970, the right of entry and settlement was extended to people with one Jewish grandparent and a person who is married to a Jew, whether or not he or she is considered Jewish under Orthodox interpretations of Halacha (Torah law as established by the rabbis).

Some lawmakers suggested that anyone who was granted citizenship should also be granted Jewish status but this conflicted with Orthodox Judaism. Halacha states that Jewish status is determined matrilineally, i.e. a Jew is someone born to a Jewish mother or someone who converts to Judaism under rabbinic supervision. As a result, a person may have Jewish ancestors, even a majority of Jewish ancestors, and not be considered Jewish by Halachic standards. As this applies to immigration to Israel, people who have Jewish ancestors on their father’s side are eligible for Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return despite not being Halachically Jewish.

This phenomenon of non-Jewish Israeli citizens is quickly growing. There are currently about 400,000 Israeli citizens, mostly immigrants from Russia and the former Soviet Union, who are not Halachically Jewish. In 2014, a study by Prof. Ze’ev Khanin, the chief scientist of the Aliyah and Integration Ministry and senior lecturer in political studies at Bar-Ilan University, showed that approximately half of the immigrants coming to Israel from the states of the former Soviet Union aged 30 and above were not Jewish, along with 75 percent of younger immigrants from that region.

Imagine if white countries could openly claim that nonwhites are forming enemy armies inside of our nations through immigration?

Why aren’t we allowed to make such claims?

Why do we have our social media accounts shut down, lose our jobs and get sued if we make such claims?

It is because of Jews.

Just imagine it.

They say these things in our their own country, then come to our countries and destroy the lives of anyone who dares say anything even close to this.