Jews Cash-In on Goy Fears of Being Shot by Crazed Jew School Shooters

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2018

Create a problem and then propose a solution. Jewish business genius on full display here.


An Israeli company has produced a backpack which transforms into a full-fledged armored vest. It says the product is in high demand in the US, inspired by the school shootings “trauma” there.

How many of those shooters were crazed Jews and how many others were self-loathing half-breeds that the Jews created?

Seriously, they were all kikes. Even the last guy, David Katz.

“We designed a bullet-proof backpack at the request of our distributors in the United States after the huge trauma caused by the February shooting in Florida,” Snir Koren, CEO of Masada Armor, told AFP.

Smooth deployment.

The February 14 shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland was one of the deadliest incidents of the kind in US history with 17 people killed and some 20 injured.

The company’s new product has apparently been received well, as Masada Armor sold “hundreds” of the backpacks in just two months. Now the backpack is available for purchase online and the company is seeking to increase production to 500 units per month, according to the CEO.

The backpack can quickly transform into an actual bulletproof vest, as a promotional video shows. The front piece of the vest is stored within the backpack, and takes about a second to pull out – at least when an adult does it in the video demonstration. It’s unclear whether school students under stress would find it as easy to accomplish.

Yeah, no, it looks like an impressive little backpack, no joke. What is funny is that we’re talking about this seriously.

I remember Ted Kaczynski wrote about how Leftists never want to address the root of any problem – they would rather come up with technological workarounds instead. Like instead of figuring out why everyone hates their lives and wants to kill themselves in the West, they just give out anti-depressants…

Same thing here.

Instead of figuring out what is wrong with these kids, they’d rather hand out bulletproof backpacks lmao. This is somehow seen as a reasonable proposal. They should hand out first aid kits and tactical camo for these kids as well. Safety First! Every little bit helps!

And I don’t even blame these kikes for trying to make a quick buck. That’s what they do. They’re merchants who prey on fear and death to sell their wares.

Imagine being a kid and hearing this garbage though. They already have to go through TSA checks to get into school. Schools literally are built like prisons, by prison contractors serving prison slop and severely curtailing your movement, when and where you can take a shit and there are hostile gangs wandering around trying to shank you.

And now they want to deck them out with bulletproof kevlar hahahahah like WTF! At that point, what would go through the parents’ heads even? Like, just don’t send your kid to school anymore if you’re sending them into a Lebanese civil war type situation, the education isn’t even that good, just stay home and read some books, bruh. Is sending them into Southern Beirut every day even worth it at that point? Fuck, people. Use your heads. Use common sense. If you’re at the point where you’re contemplating buying your kid a kevlar backpack just stop and rethink your entire thought process. 

Do you really need some Neon-Nazi to tell you this, parents? Get it together, god damn you’re stupid!

Whatever, the backpacks are too expensive and the niggers will just steal them, so this won’t ever get off the ground.

At least the kids are poking fun at the whole school shooter situation.

The only ray of light in all this though is that the media pushes the “quiet white kid who snaps one day” meme.

Niggers and browns might actually lay off the white kids for a bit, since the media portrays us as stone-cold killers who you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

If I were in school now, I’d just roll with it.

Just start muttering under my breath about demons in my head and writing “ONE DAY” in caps across entire pages of my notebooks, letting the other kids see it “by accident” and then just awkwardly smiling at them.


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