Jewish-Owned Newspaper Runs Hit Piece on Sweden Democrats for Posting Anti-Semitic Memes

Diversity Macht Frei
September 4, 2018

Could the entire Alt Lite secretly be Alt Right? Do they know about the Jews and just pretend not to? More and more, I find myself edging towards this conclusion.

Even the milquetoast nationalist Sweden Democrats have been caught posting anti-Semitic memes.

These memes and some other counter-Semitic comments were posted by various Sweden Democrat local government representatives.

Martin Sihlén, representing the Sweden Democrats in Örkelljunga, in Sweden’s south, wrote on Facebook that “Hitler wasn’t so bad” and he “did not lie about Jews.” He also wrote that “international Jewry is thirsting for destroying Europe. It was ultimately not Germany who started the Second World War, it was the Jews.”


The expose was posted in the Expressen newspaper, owned by the Jewish Bonnier family. Expressen has a history of “attack journalism” against critics of immigration.

The Sweden Democrats have been hovering around 20% in the polls. Whether these revelations hurt them or help them will be a “Woke Test” for the Swedish people. The elections will be held this Sunday, September 9.

Top Comments

  1. _DH_ says:

    My, those are some good memes. SD obviously have nice grassroots members/politicians. Sadly the national leadership is fully Jew-controlled, though. This is sadly part of a purge of all nationalism within the party. I really hope people move to AfS (or even better, to the NRM) fast, so they don’t waste their votes in the upcoming election this Sunday.

    Such boring, incompetent and treasonous leadership - but oh, the talent and spirit of the little people!

  2. Jynx says:

    The level of goyim knowing seems to be reaching critical mass…

  3. Jews going into full damage control mode again & it will backfire on them spectacularly like it it did against Trump & Brexit. These kikes dont have a plan B. Defamation is their only tactic.

  4. Oh my goid, da Sweden Democrats are a bunch of Shlomophobes!

  5. The ‘antisemitism’ argument is rapidly running out of road. Normies are starting not to care. Sure, this parasitic cannibalistic Jewed economy is having real world consequences. There’s basically no passengers on the London Underground anymore. I blame women too tho, the thieves.

  6. They really push the Holocaust here in America, especially in grade school(get ‘em when they’re young). I read multiple books about the Holohoax in class, we spent the entire last quarter of fifth grade history solely on Hitler/the Holocaust, and we got a Holocaust “survivor” to come in every year to give a speech to all the kids. And add this to all the slavery guilt, Native American guilt, and black history month crap too. I am in a relatively Jewish and somewhat shitlib area, but it’s still bad across the board. White kids are taught to hate themselves while brown kids are celebrated as heroes.

    At least all of France’s “crimes” were colonial, so they can’t push that shit as hard because there’s not as many non-whites demanding it. But I’m sure the liberty, equality, fraternity nonsense doesn’t help either.

  7. Bonnier? That doesn’t sound very Jewish.

    Oh, wait:

    Bonnier is a taken name; originally the family was named Hirschel.


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