Jewish Media Cries About Trump Supporters Using the NSDAP Term “Lugenpresse”

Daily Stormer
October 26, 2016


These gentlemen are not happy with the Jewish media’s coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign.

The corrupt Jewish press is crying about Donald Trump supporters using the term “lugenpresse” to express their anger towards them. The term translates to “lying press,” which is a fitting description of the Jewish media. All they do is lie, push propaganda and tell half truths. They have poisoned the minds of so many people and this by itself is unforgivable.

Times of Israel:

Media covering Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign have become accustomed to abuse from his supporters. But on Saturday, a BuzzFeed reporter covering one of his rallies noticed a new dynamic unfolding.

“Lügenpresse!” some of the presidential hopeful’s backers were shouting toward the press section, along with other chants more customary at Trump events, like “Tell the Truth!” and “CNN Sucks!” according to a report on the news website.

The phrase “lügenpresse” means “lying press” in German. While its roots have been said to go back to the 19th century, it is mostly known for its use by the Nazi party to delegitimize the media and invalidate its reporting.

It is a word “contaminated by the Nazis,” German linguist Nina Janich, told Reuters last year, after a panel declared the term was “the non-word of the year” in 2014, noting how it was being increasingly used by an anti-Islam segment of German society.

The German NSDAP used this term to bash the Jew media liars of their era. The term’s connection to the NSDAP seems to have the Jewish media afraid of shower room gas chambers and lampshade factories.


Goebbels: “Hitler bro just relax there’s no Jews here bro just chill try to enjoy yourself.”

CNN which is run by the foul looking Jew creature Jeff Zucker is probably the most obvious example of the “lugenpresse” that we have today. 99% of the time it is just them bashing Trump with bull shit lies and talking points. It is the most dishonest propaganda network we have seen in the history of television.

Clearly, the Jewish establishment is in absolute panic over what’s happening and they have no answers for it. They went too far and now there’s no going back. Assuming Trump wins the presidency, we will have a real opening to start reversing the direction of Western civilization.