Jewish Diversity: BBC to Replace Male Jew Political Editor with Female Jew

Daily Stormer
July 6, 2015

Meet the new Jew boss
Meet the new Jew boss
Same as the old Jew boss except without a penis.
Same as the old Jew boss except without a penis.

The important thing is that we make sure everyone in the media remains completely Jewish.

The Telegraph:

The BBC is thought to be looking to appoint a woman as the face of the Corporation’s political news after it emerged that Nick Robinson is likely to step down.

Mr Robinson, who has been BBC political editor for the past decade, is rumoured to be likely to be moving to a presenter’s role on the corporation’s flagship Today programme on Radio Four.

The highly regarded political journalist – who has just published an election diary – is taking time off to receive further chemotherapy for lung cancer.

It is understood that BBC executives are keen on ensuring that Mr Robinson is replaced by a female journalist, which would give the corporation’s political coverage more gender balance.

The last female political editor of one of the main broadcasters was Elinor Goodman, who was Channel Four News’ Political Editor from 1988 to 2005.

Journalists tipped for the top job include Lucy Manning, BBC News’ Special Correspondent who joined the corporation last year after covering politics for ITV News, BBC Newsnight presenter Laura Kuenssberg, Allegra Stratton, BBC Newsnight’s Political Editor and Cathy Newman, Channel Four News’ presenter.

The others on that list with Kuenssberg may or may not all be Jewish, but I would be shocked if the BBC chose someone to put in charge who is not Jew. Though feminists are spiritual Jews, so who knows.

Americans take note that “Jewish media” is not a unique phenomenon to our place. The head of BBC television is also a Jew, Danny Cohen.

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