Jewish Director of “The Night Before” Fully Admits That Jewish Degeneracy is at Center of Film

Info Stormer
November 29, 2015

Quite the crew of Jewish degenerates in this photo.  They should be wearing striped pajamas with “jude” stars.

The disgusting Jewish kike Jonathan Levine is the director behind “The Night Before.” This newly released film stars the fat unfunny Jew slob Seth Rogen and is yet another attempt by Jews to mock Christians and the Christmas holiday.

In a JTA article posted on the Times of Israel, Levine fully admits that Jewish degeneracy is at the center of the film. The article also confirms that most the film’s writers are Jewish. He even goes so far as to admit that the movie was specifically created for Jews based upon his own experience of feeling out of place during Christmas.

ORLY Jews?
ORLY Jews?

The good news is that it looks as if this horrible film has not done well in the United States. I am hoping that people are finally getting sick of this vile Jewish filth being pumped out of Jewish run Hollywood film studios.

Below is one of the red band trailers that illustrates the degenerate crap these insane kikes have put together. It represents more proof that these Jews should be banned from creating films and put in concentration camps.

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