Jewess Supports Brexit Because She Fears Getting Lampshaded by Euro Nazis

Info Stormer
May 11, 2016


Jewess Angela Epstein thinks Euro Nazis will lampshade her if the UK doesn’t leave the EU. A justified concern considering Adolf Hitler personally ordered that each of the above prisoners be gassed and made into a low quality lampshade.

A scatterbrained Jewess by the name of Angela Epstein writing for the London Telegraph has declared her support for the UK leaving the EU. Most Jews are actually in favor of the UK staying in the EU so they can more easily influence its politics from Brussels. This Jewess has a different view. ¬†She is afraid that she’ll get lampshaded by Euro Nazis if the UK stays in the EU.

Here’s a blurb from her ridiculous op-ed.

After all, had it not been for the bravery of our Allies holding out against the Third Reich and the geographical inconvenience of our island geography, British Jewry would have also been swept up by the systematic slaughter of the Holocaust. As would other detractors of the genocidal Nazi regime.

Fortunately, despite Hitler’s best intentions, this never came to pass.

But such fears remain deeply ingrained in the Jewish DNA. What if joined-up political lunacy ever spread across Europe again? Would Britain be so well-equipped to stand alone were we to be yoked together in an already legitimate alliance with Europe?

It’s for these reasons that nothing will convince me of the rightness of staying in¬†the EU ‚Äď even¬†after David Cameron predicted on Monday that a Brexit will increase the risk of¬†Europe descending into war.

Comically, the Jewess also whines about Jew hatred in Europe from Moslems. She fails to mention that it was her fellow Jews who lobbied to have unlimited numbers of these desert rats invade the continent.

It’s¬†clear¬†that¬†Europe¬†has¬†a¬†problem¬†with¬†bloodthirsty,¬†visceral¬†anti¬†Semitism.¬†Look¬†no¬†further¬†than¬†the Jihadist¬†murders of Jews in Brussels, Paris, and the Danish capital of Copenhagen over the past 12 months,¬†or the heinous attacks in Toulouse three years ago¬†when a gunman shot dead a teacher and three children at¬†a¬†Jewish¬†school in the French city.

Conversely, in its reaction to radicalised Islam, the far right has also mobilised, with the neo-fascist Jobbick party in Hungary, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece, and the far-right National Front in France. It seems when it comes to the dangers of continent-wide fascism, the European mainland has a short memory.

Were the dots to join would it be such¬†a nightmare¬†prophesy to imagine¬†how much easier some unholy alliance could sweep this way¬†were we to remain in the EU?¬†I’ve no idea, but I’m not taking¬†a punt.

I’m proud to be British, proud to be Jewish and proud that the Holocaust survivors I know found refuge in this country.¬†But I’m voting out.

As to whether successive generations will find the UK a place of refuge is something only history will be able to tell us.

The one thing her statements prove conclusively is that the Jewish mind is filled with paranoia and insanity. They simply cannot recognize the fact that it is their own subversive behavior which has gotten them kicked out of over 100 nations.