Jew York Times Says Its Ugly for Americans Not to Accept Illegal Alien Invasion

Daily Slave
July 8, 2014

The New York Times is a vile Jew run Marxist propaganda factory.

We shouldn’t have expected anything less from the New York Times which has been run by a Jewish family for many years. ¬†Jews are firmly behind this insane transformation of America from a strong first world nation ruled by White European men into a third world cesspool.

From Breitbart:

On the day before the Fourth of July, the¬†New York Times¬†went out of its way to show its disgust for Americans against illegal immigration in Murrieta, California who turned away buses of illegal immigrants for, of all things, waving American flags and chanting “USA!”

“Nobody was even being released in Murrieta,” the¬†Times’ editorial board¬†wrote¬†on Thursday. “But the mayor urged residents to complain, and in a pageant of ugliness, dozens took action: They waved flags, screamed ‘U.S.A.!’ and turned three buses back.”

The¬†Times’¬†editorial urged Obama to “go big” on executive actions by granting amnesty to the parents of so-called anchor babies — children who are born in the country to illegal immigrant parents.

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