Jew York Times Calls for Europe to Become a Part of Africa

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2015

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Goyim the hatred must stop.

The Jew York Times has a novel idea: that it is White people’s fault that Africans are drowning trying to get to Europe and the solution is to bring them all here.

New York Times:

THOUSANDS of people drown trying to reach Europe — an estimated 1,250 did so in April alone. By denying desperate people the opportunity to cross borders legally, European governments are driving them to risk death.

“Driving them” you say? Were these people coerced by Europeans to come to Europe? These people are invading our home for the purpose of stealing from us. It is like someone being attacked for putting up barbed wire fence around their home – “this home owner is driving home invaders to risk getting cut!”

What if Europe — or the United States — took a different approach: allow people to come and go freely?

Defenders of the “Fortress Europe” policy are adamant: If Europe abandoned immigration controls, it would be swamped with foreigners and our economies and societies would collapse. It’s a deep-rooted fear, as if immigrants were the barbarians at the gates.

Africans storming Spanish border fence:

african invasion

How are these not “barbarians at the gates”? What is the argument, exactly?

But most people don’t want to leave home at all, much less forever, and many people can’t. Those who do move don’t all want to go to the same place. And far from being a burden on society, let alone an invading army, newcomers have much to contribute.


This is all so insane. But I am glad any time I see something like this NYT piece. It shows just how unhinged the Jews who run things now are, and demonstrates that the backlash is all that nearer.

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