Jew Soros’ Rat Son Says Trump is an Anti-Semite, Blames Anti-Semitism for #Bombgate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2018

In the House of Soros, Alexander is known as “the handsome one.” 

Well, Mr. President.

The whole “I have a Jewish son-in-law so I can’t be an anti-Semite” bit has not worked.

Time to just roll with it.

Just let Stephen Miller deal with the Jews, and otherwise ignore them.

Jerusalem Post:

The son of Jewish billionaire George Soros said Donald Trump’s presidential campaign contributed to the antisemitic and anti-democratic atmosphere he says are linked to bomb scares directed at his father, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

“While the responsibility lies with the individual or individuals who sent these lethal devices to my family home and Mr. Obama’s and Ms. Clinton’s offices, I cannot see it divorced from the new normal of political demonization that plagues us today,” Alexander Soros wrote in The New York Times.

The younger Soros also accused Trump of indulging in an antisemitic trope that often places his father, a Jewish billionaire who supports liberal causes, at the center of a world-wide conspiracy.


  1. He is Jewish
  2. He is a billionaire
  3. He funds liberal causes all over the world

I don’t think there is any need for “tropes” or “conspiracy theories” here, bud.

Of course, what he is actually trying to say is that no individual Jew can ever be criticized because any criticism of any individual Jew is an attack on Jews as a group.

Here’s the original NYT piece.

These Jews are now pulling the anti-Semitism card on Trump hard. Haaretz just said he’s going to send them all to death camps.

Trump needs to just do whatever the minimal amount is to keep evangelicals happy and otherwise abandon any and all attempts to reason or be reasonable with Jews.

Bibi Netanyahu is pretty much totally dependent on Trump, so keeping up appearances for the sake of the evangelicals is easy enough.

With open attacks on him as an anti-Semite, there is no reason to do anything else. Get Kushner out of the White House, end the Saudi deal, get out of the Middle East completely save for whatever it takes to stop Israel from being overrun.