Jew Schemes to Unseat Corbyn from Labour Leadership

Diversity Macht Frei
July 29, 2016

The Labour election contest was triggered by the Jewess Margaret Oppenheimer (aka Margaret Hodge). Now another Jew schemes to deny Jeremy Corbyn an automatic place on the ballot. Think about how absurd it is that the courts are being asked to intervene in the rules of a private organisation.

A Labour donor is to mount a legal challenge against the party’s national executive committee decision to automatically nominate Jeremy Corbyn in the forthcoming leadership contest.

Michael Foster, a former parliamentary candidate, will lodge the application at the high court on Thursday afternoon.

“The issue raised by my application to the court is the proper interpretation of the rules of the party,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, saying that Corbyn being automatically on the ballot paper for the leadership election was “essentially a legal issue”.

The party’s NEC heard three contradicting pieces of legal advice on Tuesday night, including from Michael Mansfield QC, which found only challengers needed nominations, and another from James Goudie QC which found all candidates should seek nominations from MPs.

… Foster, a former showbiz agent who has given more than £400,000 to the party since 2010, came to prominence during the last Labour party conference, after he confronted Corbyn at a Labour Friends of Israel reception, angered the Labour leader had not mentioned the word “Israel” in his address to the meeting.

“Say the word ‘Israel’,” he shouted at Corbyn, who is a longstanding pro-Palestinian campaigner.