Jew Michael Chertoff Scaring Americans to Think That the Islamic State Could Attack the United States

Daily Slave
October 3, 2014

This is a face you can trust, goyim.
This is a face you can trust, goyim.

The devious Jew Michael Chertoff who ran the Department of Homeland Security under the Zionist George W. Bush is now scaring Americans into thinking that the Islamic State could attack the United States.

Considering that the Islamic State has no Navy and no air power to speak of, it would seem unlikely that they could ever engage in any sort of serious military attack against the United States.  Although I am not an expert military tactician, I somehow doubt that the Islamic State would be able to use camels to swim across the Atlantic Ocean and wage jihad against America.

If this is really a credible threat as Chertoff claims, all we have to do is secure the nation’s borders and prevent all Muslims from entering the country until we are satisfied that there is no longer a threat.  Muslims already inside the country could be detained and deported.  Of course, doing this would stifle the Jews plans to destroy the White European make-up of America via the hordes of illegal aliens that are being allowed in from Central America.  This is why Chertoff doesn’t mention this as a possible solution.

Chertoff is correct on one thing though.  By bombing and attacking the Islamic State, it is only going to create more people who hate America.  This is why America needs to discontinue its support for Jewish interests and Israel.  Realistically, this is the main reason why America has been so heavily involved in the Middle East.  It is fighting wars for Jews.  Of course, Chertoff a Jew will never mention any of this.

The Hill:

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could strike the U.S. homeland.

Chertoff, who led the DHS under President George W. Bush, contends that President Obama waited too long to address the threat from ISIS. He says the terrorist network could send fighters to the United States or inspire local terrorists to plan attacks.

“Whether [members of ISIS] carry out that threat by sending fighters back who they’ve trained, or whether they try to inspire lone wolves, or whether they simply captivate potential recruits and they go out on their own to carry out attacks, I think all of those are possibilities,” the founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff Group says in an on-camera interview with The Hill.

Chertoff predicts that the chances of reciprocal attacks will increase as the U.S. ramps up airstrikes against militants in Syria.

“At some point, particularly as we begin to put pressure on ISIS, they’re going to feel the need to respond for two reasons: try to intimidate us to draw back but also to show us their adherence that they are capable of giving as well as getting,” Chertoff explains in the interview.

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