Jew Media Now Claiming Adolf Hitler Hated Children Because Boy Didn’t Receive a Piece of Cake

Daily Slave
May 12, 2015

Adolf Hitler – he gassed trillions of Jews and worse yet – hated children.

Not only did Adolf Hitler gas and turn 60 trillion Jews into bars of soap, but he also hated children apparently.  This is because an old man who as a child posed in photos with Hitler didn’t get a piece of cake he claims Hitler promised him.

Seriously, how much more absurd can these lies and propaganda about Hitler get?  The Jew media has claimed all sorts of bizarre and crazy things about this man and all of these claims either cannot be proven or are gross exaggerations.  The Jews fear people learning the truth about Hitler so they lie about him over and over again.  This is just the latest example.


As well as perpetrating some of the worst crimes in human history, Adolf Hitler wasn’t very nice to children.

The childless Fuhrer even lied to the blonde, blue-eyed child used in some of his most famous propaganda posters.

Hitler promised four-year-old Gerhard Bartels a big slice of apple cake if he posed in propaganda shots used in postcards, books and posters by the genocidal regime.

But despite the fact that the dictator was easily able to afford cake, Bartels received none.

‘Hitler was just a gangster. The Nazis used me for propaganda purposes. I was used to show Hitler loved children,’ Mr Bartels said.

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