Jew Media Fraudulently Gives Credit to a Jewess for Allegedly Generating a Photo of a Glazed Donut Said to be a Black Hole

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2019

The Jew-run media has been making people believe that a 29-year-old Jewess named Katie Bouman was primarily responsible for generating the first alleged “photo” of a black hole. Everything about this is a lie.

Much of this sorry saga was already written about in the recent weekly Stormer write-up. However, everything about this story is such a fraud that it is worthy of further analysis.

A 29-year-old Jewess named Katie Bouman was given most of the credit by her racial brethren in the media for generating the first alleged image of a black hole. Despite the fact that around 200 people were involved in the project, her face has been plastered everywhere as being the one primarily responsible for this alleged scientific accomplishment.

The Washington Post put out a video on their YouTube channel featuring Bouman rambling incoherently about black holes. The clip is designed to make the viewer think that she was the genius behind the alleged discovery.

Other media outlets have actually referred to her as a hero for this so-called scientific achievement.

Laughably, the Jews over at The New York Times put out an article claiming that her becoming the face of this was just an accident.

Talk about bullshit. Bouman put out a Facebook post rubbing her hands together implying that she was solely responsible for the black hole image. She was clearly trying to take credit for the entire thing knowing full well that the media would hail her as a great female genius and feminist icon.

Notice how she referred to “I” and not “we” in her initial Facebook post.

Watching in disbelief as the first image I ever made of a black hole was in the process of being reconstructed.

Gepostet von Katie Bouman am Mittwoch, 10. April 2019

As was previously pointed out in the Stormer weekly report, her code contributions to the project were minimal. She contributed just a tiny fraction of the code responsible for the software that generated the image. It’s laughable that she is being presented as the face of the project.

It was noted by a variety of people on social media that a programmer named Andrew Chael contributed much more code to the project than Bouman. People rightly argued that he deserved more credit than Bouman because of this. But sadly, Chael went to Twitter to denounce the people who questioned Bouman’s role in the project.

To be fair, he probably would have been fired from his job if he did not downplay his contributions and overstated what Bouman contributed. But even if Bouman did make substantive code contributions, it doesn’t explain why the media chose to present her as the face of the project. She was just another member of the team and not deserving of any special recognition beyond the other 200 or so people involved with the project.

The New York Times report even admitted that a previous black hole algorithm she was involved in developing wasn’t even used to manufacture this image.

While she led the development of an algorithm to take a picture of a black hole, an effort that was the subject of a TED Talk she gave in 2016, her colleagues said that technique was not ultimately used to create this particular image.

The media has comically claimed that these valid criticisms of Bouman’s contributions were coming primarily from incels and sexist trolls.

It is a totally ridiculous claim. People are merely questioning why she, out of all the people involved with the project, is getting all the credit for the image. It’s obvious that she received credit not based on substantive achievements but instead because she’s a Jewish female. The media wanted to give her all the credit so they could use her to help further promote the destructive society destroying ideology of feminism.

YouTube even went so far as to modify their search algorithm so videos critical of Bouman were buried. It’s quite ironic that a supposedly empowered and independent female would need to be protected from criticism. And if the criticisms were as invalid as they claim, why would YouTube need to go out of their way to conceal them from people?

But outside of this media fiasco with Bouman, the entire black hole project itself appears to be a massive fraud. In fact, the entire concept of black holes seems to be a gigantic scientific hoax perpetuated by Jews.

The whole idea of a black hole was invented by a Jew. The Jew Karl Schwarzchild was the originator of the black hole theory.

Other Jews like David Finkelstein and Jakob Bekenstein helped promote additional gibberish theories about black holes throughout the 20th century. The entire field of study as long as it has existed has been dominated by Jews and this fact alone makes it a highly questionable concept.

And what about the alleged black hole photo itself? It looks like a photo of a glazed donut that was edited in Photoshop to make it look like it was floating in space. But not only that, the entire idea that a photo can be taken of something that nobody has seen before is absurd. Everything about black hole research reeks of nonsensical pseudoscience.

Considering what we already know about Jews, it would not surprise me in the least if this alleged black hole photo turns out to just be a picture of a glazed donut. It could also be any number of other gross things that I won’t bother mention. The point being, is that there is no reason to believe that this is actually a photo of a black hole. And for all we know, the filthy yids are in their temples laughing at how gullible and dumb the goyim are for believing all this crap.

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  1. Again, no substantive answers for why she deserves credit. Just a torrent of ad-hominems “racist,” “incel,” “sexist,” “muhsoggyknee.”

  2. The media also shows an image of her instead of the black hole in so many of these articles.

    They basically did this:


  3. Most of the “photos” we see of outer space are more artistic renderings and impressions than any remnant photons that have interacted with imaging device here on Earth.

    This one really took those practises to another level. Its literally just a dolled up datapoint cloud that was shat out by some supercomputer after they fed it bunch of GiGo. Fakest and gayest and probably most expensive shoop ever created. Maximum Jew.

    It did produce huge amounts of anime girl memes for which I am happy. (Not going to post any here because the BBS and my devices don’t seem to get along.)

  4. “I fucking love science” - magazine 2021:
    “Jewish transgender scientist discovers that black holes release matter in the form exotic particles. Xir has named these new particles “poopions” in honor of xirs holocaust survivor grandfather who was a pioneer in fecal matter comedy.”.

    After Piss Earth comes Shit Earth. Brrrrrap!

  5. It’s an effing BAGEL! She probably had a bagel with lox and cream cheese at her desk. “Bagel Theory”.

  6. They’ve been propping up their 2 scientific geniuses for more than 100 years now: Einstein and Freud. And this has worked beautifully on the normies. There is hardly an article about geniuses without Einstein’s face on top of it.

    Freud is now debunked by the scientific community, as his whole contribution is gibberish and inconsistent books, with definitions and concepts litterally changing every year. And his talking cures have never healed anyone beyond the placebo effect.

    Einstein is a bit more scientific, but his career is so overshadowed by plagiarism that it is laughable. Funny that his 3 papers from 1905 were only published by the journal of max Planck because he was considered German and as he was robbing the Frenchman Poincaré, he was promoted by nationalists from Berlin…boy did he repay Germany…as soon as 1939 he lobbied Roosevelt to develop the Atomic bomb specifically to punish Germany…and it was way before the Wansee conference of 1941…

    Also funny to note that these 3 papers did not cite previous scientists, in a manner similar to the liberal use of the pronoun “I” by Mrs Bouman. Is there a common tribal trait there?

  7. Jews love to raise up hideous looking jewesses as the next big thing. Remember (((Blossom)))?

    And (((Ricki Lake)))?

    How do these fat ugly jewesses keep getting all these shows?

    Even the ones that look Italian are jews.

    It just never ends with these sickening kikes.

    Jewish privilege is real fam.

  8. UnCL3 says:

    I’m sure this isn’t the first hoax this jew bitch front-hole has perpetrated on the goyim.

  9. This has to be the most retarded article I’ve ever read. As Drump used to say - sad! Anglin, check your food and water supply, there might be a Jew with a bunch of suspicious looking pills hiding there.

    For those who don’t know history of physics, ‘relativity’ exists in two flavours - special and general. Special was figured out mostly by French mathematician Poincare (hope I spelled him right) and Dutch physicist Lorenz. There is exactly zero contribution from Einstein himself to the SR, except may be identifying c with the speed of light, but that was an established experimental fact.

    General relativity is later, and harder to understand. I work in the field of sub-atomic physics, where we pretend gravity doesn’t exist, because it is billions of billions of billions … billions times weaker than the next weakest force, called the weak (formerly “weak atomic”) force. So, we only have to use special relativity and quantum mechanics. And if you believe transistors are real, you’d better believe in quantum mechanics, especially given that Dirac, who was more important to the development of XX century physics than Einstein, never gets mentioned by the Jew-owned media - that’s why your average normie have never heard of him.

    And, surprise surprise, the two branches are very hard to reconcile, mostly because of the mentioned enormous difference in magnitudes. It is very obvious (at least if you’re coming from quantum mechanics side, don’t know what’s on GR side exactly, but they also have some glaringly obvious fine tuning in terms of cosmological constant that’s put in there by hand) that current theory of physics is incomplete, but there is a but…

    Before, theory struggled to explain experimental facts. At some point in post-war, after discovery of radioactivity by Beckerel (hope I spelt that other French gentleman right) was turned into bomb in 40’s and atomic power shortly thereafter, a strange thing happened - theory went ahead of the experiment. So, we had successful predictions of the things to come (some of them even done by Jews), but nowadays there are whole classes of theories trying to figure out what currently un-known physics could be… yet the evidence to select one isn’t there and likely will not be there in at least a few decades.

    As for the article itself, I have two thoughts:

    1. Chael, the leader of the team, is an obvious jew. Worse, he is a faggot. So we have a case of Jews Jewing each other here. I doubt there are any gentiles on the team, but a Jew must always Jew wherever he or she is, and so they had no choice but to Jew other Jews.
    2. As for visibility of the black hole, Hawking showed that event horizons should glow like a bunch of CIA niggers in the dark.

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