Jew Mark Zuckerberg Promotes Jew World Order Dystopia at Harvard Commencement Speech

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 26, 2017

The Jew Mark Zuckerberg has a very dark vision for the future of humanity.

The Jew CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most evil Jews in all of Silicon Valley. He stole the original idea for Facebook from his Harvard classmates and eventually had to pay out a massive settlement for his misdeeds.

It is sickening to see Harvard invite Zuckerberg back to deliver a commencement speech. He used the platform to promote his ideas for a Jew World Order dystopia. It felt like a preview of what we should expect if he decides to run for public office.

The speech itself was disgusting. He cried about the story of an illegal alien, whined about the “climate change” hoax, demanded free money for everyone in the name of “equality” and claimed that we are all citizens of the world. Those were just some of the many low lights.

It was basically a speech dedicated to advancing the aims of world Jewry. These Jews want a borderless world filled with low IQ mixed-race brown people that they can rule over from Israel. Everything Zuckerberg endorsed would advance these goals.

Facebook itself is one of the most horrible creations on the Internet. It is a heavily censored web portal that has data mined people’s information for nefarious purposes. There are no free exchange of ideas on this platform. It would be utterly insane to trust the person running this terrible operation to have any input on which direction the world moves in.

Anything this evil Jew tries to push ahead we need to oppose. He has made the world a much worse place thanks to his horribly shitty website.

Top Comments

  1. I demand my free money from this pencil dick.

    While we are at it, send him and the gook to FEMA summer camp

  2. Universal Basic Income = Communism
    Communism = Death

  3. He’s a piece of shit kike that exemplifies the Jewish rotten soul. STOLE white men ideas (winklevoss twins) and present it as your own. Then profit.

    Use your profits to further destroy white nations and cause chaos in the world.

    Jewish 101 right here.

  4. There were many sites like Facebook. Facebook won because of marketing: the selfies of college girls to everyone. It started college only with a good illusion of privacy so college girls would upload selfies so college guys could see them. When it had enough it opened up to the world so everyone could look.

    None of the others were nearly sleazy enough for this marketing strategy, the illusion of privacy and exclusivity to get college girls to post compromising pictures to get the attention of the hottest college guys.

  5. Enoch says:

    This pic says it all. It is a Jewish wet dream of the future. SHEEPLE enslaved to a jew master.

    Absolutely DISGUSTING!

  6. Let’s not forget that this evil kike has a 6 foot wall around his retreat in Hawaii. Walls only for the Jews, not the goyim.

  7. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been out with a woman and she asks if I’m on faceberg.
    The conversation then goes something like this…
    Me: no, I don’t see the purpose of it.
    Her somewhat confused and defensive: Well, I just use it to keep in touch with my friends and family.
    Me: I never had a problem keeping in touch with my friends and family without using faceberg.
    At this point her mind is like, does not compute, does not compute. I’m almost expecting smoke to come out of her ears because deleting faceberg would be akin to amputating an arm.

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