Jew Holohoaxer Claims Nazi Medical Experiments He Can’t Remember Still Cause Him Pain

Daily Slave
May 8, 2015

Unlike the millions of other Jew Holohoaxers he somehow was not experimented on by Josef Mengele.

A ridiculous lying Jew Holohoaxer is telling students that “Nazi” medical experiments performed on him 70+ years ago cause him pain every day.  The only problem is that he can’t specifically remember what those medical experiments were.

This is another case where these medical experiments were only real in his mind.  Surprisingly he did not invoke Josef Mengele’s name in reference to these alleged experiments.

This Jew is nothing but a lying rat.  These Jews need to be banned from speaking to students.  Instead they need to be locked up in FEMA camps.

From NJ.Com:

Sami Steigmann doesn’t remember what medical experiments the Nazis did to him as a child but after more than 70 years, they still cause him pain every day.

Despite that suffering, the 75-year-old Holocaust survivor says he has stopped thinking of himself as one of the “victims” who were imprisoned and abused at a Nazi labor camp in Mogilev Podolski, Ukraine.

“I would like to be remembered (as going) from being a victim, to a survivor, to, today, being a moral witness, teaching (students) to become better people,” he told The Jersey Journal.

In a presentation today to hundreds of 7th graders visiting Bayonne High School, Steigmann shared his life story, citing other difficult experiences such as being homeless at one point in New York and being unable to see his grandchildren.

famous amos hoax survivor real in my mind

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