Jew Hollywood Film “The Martian” Features Black Genius Astronomer Whose Plan Rescues Matt Damon From Mars

Info Stormer
October 5, 2015

Only a Negro rap artist pretending to be a genius can rescue Matt Damon off of Mars in the new Jew movie “The Martian.”

One thing the Jew Hollywood film industry loves to do is depict Negro geniuses in their movies. ┬á“The Martian” a new science fiction film is no exception.

Long story short, a Black astronomer comes up with a plan to save an astronaut played by Matt Damon who is stranded on the surface of Mars.  Below is the scene from the movie where the Black genius outlines his plan.

This is just more Jew propaganda to make people think that Blacks on average are as intelligent if not more intelligent than Whites. ┬áThis is obviously not the case. ┬áToday’s civilization and the advances made have largely been from the creativity of White Europeans.

To make matters worse, the film also features a female commander and other multicultural and Marxist drivel.  Par for the course from these Jew run film studios.  Somebody needs to take political power and ban Jews from ever making movies again.

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