Jew Explains That Coming White Minority Doesn’t Matter Because Non-Whites “Look White to Me”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2015

Dr. Richard Alba has news for you stupid, filthy goyim.
Dr. Richard Alba has news for you stupid, filthy goyim.

Even while it is an obvious and admitted fact that all White nations are being purposefully multiculturalized to the end of making them racial melting pots, a New York Times op-ed writer named Richard Alba, in a piece pretentiously entitled “The Myth of the White Minority,” has taken it on himself to explain that this isn’t actually happening and those who think it is are paranoid racists who can’t understand math (that’s “maths” for the the fag-smoking stick-shifters out there).

Alba is – you’re not going to believe this one – a Jew. Alba is a sociologist Jew who has written for the Jews about the plight of Jews assimilating into American culture.

It’s great that we have these Jews, so much smarter than us, to explain to us our faults as White people.

In 2012, the Census Bureau announced that nonwhite births exceeded white births for the first time. In 2013, it noted that more whites were dying than were being born. In March, it projected that non-Hispanic whites would be a minority by 2044.

But the forecast of an imminent white minority, which some take as a given, is wrong. We will seem like a majority-white society for much longer than is believed.

“Seem like”? Does that mean that it will be real in our minds?

I thought this was about math, Schlomo.

The predictions make sense only if you accept the outdated, illogical methods used by the census, which define as a “minority” anyone who belongs to “any group other than non-Hispanic White alone.” In the words “group” and “alone” lie a host of confusions.

The words “group” and “alone”?


Schlomo, I know the meanings of those two words. I know the meanings well. Those words do not confuse me. I myself am a part of a “group” which is non-Hispanic White “alone.”

Where are we going with this?

A report the Pew Research Center is releasing today on multiracial Americans demonstrates how problematic these definitions have become. Pew estimates that 8.9 percent of Americans now have family backgrounds that involve some combination of white, black, Latino, Asian and Native American.

“Mixed” unions — intermarriages and long-lasting cohabitations — have become far more common. According to a 2012 Pew report, 15 percent of new marriages cross the major lines of race or Hispanic origin. Some 70 percent of these relationships involve a white partner and a minority spouse. The most common minority partners for whites are Latinos, followed by Asians, though the frequency of white-black marriage also continues to rise.

Wait, so the confusion is along the lines of “well, there will be people who are part White”? That doesn’t confuse me either. It does infuriate me.

But even as the on-the-ground understanding of race and ethnicity becomes more fluid, contingent and overlapping, our public conversation lags.

Take, for example, the claim that “minority babies are now the majority.” Analyzing data from the 2013 American Community Survey, I found that it identified only about half of infants (children under 1) as non-Hispanic whites — though 60 percent had at least one non-Hispanic white parent. The discrepancy arises because of demographic convention: The census counts as minority anyone of mixed race or ethnicity.

That is not a “convention,” it is a fact.

A half-White person is not White.

Case in point.
Case in point.

Schlomo, I am starting to think you may be trying to use words to purposefully confound your readers. If you weren’t one of God’s chosen people, I would presently be questioning your integrity.

Next you’re going to start calling me a racist for doubting your positions.

Just joking, Schlomo. Deceitful as you may be, I know you wouldn’t ever sink that low.

For much of our racist past, all partly white, partly black individuals were socially and legally defined as black. The “one drop” rule was absurd, of course, yet it has effectively returned, with a vengeance, via statistical categories. There is no justification for viewing as not white all children who are partly white and being raised in a family that includes a white parent and two white grandparents, to say nothing of aunts, uncles and cousins.


The Jared Taylor method.

"He looks White to me!"
“He looks White to me!”

Interesting angle.

Some of the mixed children now classified as minorities surely will think of themselves mainly as whites when they grow up; researchers have already found a significant group of American adults who declare themselves as non-Hispanic whites to the census, but acknowledge having some Mexican ancestry. Others may have mixed or even minority identities, but will be “sociologically white,” integrated into white communities and family networks and seen as essentially no different from anyone else.

We are becoming a more diverse society, but not a post-racial one. For that reason we cannot abandon ethno-racial categories. They register legacies of slavery, conquest and oppression that have enduring effects. They are still useful, to measure and redress inequalities.

But we need to admit that these categories are at best rough approximations when it comes to understanding who we are becoming. Our society, transformed by immigration and new forms of assimilation, hasn’t yet developed the vocabulary to capture the nuanced realities of this evolution.

So, in summation, the White minority is a myth as long as we change the definition of White.

Changing the meaning of things has been a long-running Jewish strategy for attempting to alter basic understandings of reality, so Dr. Alba’s position here is not surprising. It is, however, a stupid lie.

The Pew poll referenced in this Jew’s article allowed people to self-report, and these days people are much more likely to claim they have some Native Indian background, even when they actually don’t, as a means of alleviating White guilt.

Whites breeding with other races does not make the country more White, it makes it less White. It pollutes the gene pool. The Whiter these people look and act, the worse it is, as the more likely it becomes that a full-blooded White person will breed with them and destroy their own genes.

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