Jew Bernie is Not a Funny Jew

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2017

tfw you’re trying to think up a joke but are too focused on terrible constipation affliction

Even as a neo-Nazi, I am able to admit that some Jew comedy is funny. Basically, it is funny when Jews use physical comedy to mock themselves as neurotic obsessives. Woody Allen is sort of funny sometimes, because he embodies the Jew stereotype (which is 100% real).

They are not, however, good at making actual jokes.

Example: Bernie Sanders.

Trump Tweeted this:

Jew Bernie responded with this “joke”:

Firstly, those pictures are fake, taken at a time of day when people were still gathering. Secondly, it wasn’t a rally. Thirdly, DC is an overwhelming majority Democrat (imagine if this inauguration had been held in Kansas or Alabama).

But most importantly: that joke just isn’t funny. Mainly what makes it so not funny is the second thing: that it was not a rally. Combine that with the fact that the people didn’t throw it, it was an official event, and the fact that we know Donald Trump can fill stadiums, and there is just no humor in that joke.


And this is while the President is taking the time to defend Bernie to his tens of millions of followers (Bernie has 4.5 million, Trump has 25.6 million – two and a half times that of another Nazi leader, PewDiePie, who has just under ten million).