Jew Alan Greenspan Admits the Federal Reserve is Increasing Interest Rates to Crash the Economy

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2018

Seemingly out of nowhere, the former Jewish Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has come out of hiding to do interviews about the economy. He did one with CNN where he basically said that the stock market will collapse because of a rising interest rate environment. He also predicted a great deal of problems with the economy moving forward.

But who sets the interest rates? The free market sure as hell doesn’t. Interest rates are dictated by Fed policy. So essentially he is admitting that the Fed is increasing interest rates to crash the economy.

Of course what’s happening now is no different than what’s happened many times before. The Fed maintains a loose monetary policy for a period of time then tightens, which sets the stage for a financial collapse. This process has repeated over and over again ever since the Fed came into existence in 1913. Jews have taken advantage of this engineered boom and bust cycle to repeatedly consolidate wealth.

If we look at the Fed’s interest rate policy since 2001, it shows conclusively how these economic booms and busts correlated directly with Fed policy.

Greenspan ran the Fed for almost 20 years and is well aware of how this scam works. He personally engineered the housing bubble of the 2000s with artificially low interest rates after the dotcom bubble burst in the late 1990s. He also set the stage for the big financial collapse in 2008 by aggressively increasing interest rates in the years prior.

This old Jew tries to pass himself off as some type of financial genius but he’s nothing more than a scam artist. Whenever he had to testify in front of Congress during his time as Fed Chairman, he talked in a deliberately confusing manner so nobody could understand what he was talking about. The term “Fedspeak” was coined to describe his ability to bullshit people with nonsense.

But since he ran the Fed for such a long period of time, people falsely view him as a credible person. So by putting him on television to talk about doomsday scenarios, they are intentionally trying to accelerate a collapse which the Fed is in the process of engineering.

It is not a coincidence that throughout Barack Obama’s tenure we had a zero percent interest rate environment. And just as Donald Trump takes office the Jewess Janet Yellen immediately started increasing them. It shows that the Fed is politicized no differently than how the Department of Justice is politicized.

Jerome Powell, the current Fed Chairman who Trump appointed, is simply continuing the policies that he inherited from Yellen. And even though Powell himself isn’t a Jew, there are lots of Jews around him at the Fed who have input in the decision making. Trump has admitted in interviews that he is not happy with Powell’s job performance and rightly so.

Powell was not a good pick. Trump should replace him with Dr. Ron Paul. It’s high time that we start picking people to run the Fed who want the institution abolished. It is the only principled position on this corrupt and sorry organization.

And say what you want about Dr. Paul, but with him in charge of the Fed, the institution would not be used as a political weapon. Plus, picking him to run the Fed would be very funny. Just think of the memes that would result.