Jeremy Corbyn and The Jewish Question

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August 30, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

It goes without saying that a Far Left Marxist such as Jeremy Corbyn is no friend to white people, in any sense.

According to Corbyn:

My constituency has people from probably 70 different countries living there, a very large number of languages.

“People understand the difference of cultures, and I think children growing up in a multicultural society have a very good understanding of the rest of the world.

However, like so many Leftists Corbyn does not believe all people should be ethnically cleansed and replaced in their own lands, Corbyn and the Far Left would not batter an eyelid if England became as ethnically black as Sudan, but they do care about Palestinians and they do tend to see Israel as an illegitimate outpost of the Western  Capitalist Hegemony. And so elements on the Left are inadvertently wandering into the electrified fence which contains public discourse. Jeremy Corbyn is alleged to have given cash to Holocaust deniers, he’s called Pro Terror Muslim groups ”My friends” and he could very well become the Leader of the Labour Party. When  ”populism”  is wandering this far off the grid the electric fence is dispensed with and the cultural gatekeepers rush in and attempt to put the rogue cattle down with a captive bolt. On the Right we saw this same story play out recently with UKIP, and now we see it again with Corbyn as our gloriously ”Free Press” line up as one do dowse the flames of public dissent.

Jewish writer Nick Cohen at the Spectator sets the tone:

I am putting it as politely as I can when I say we had limited support from mainstream commentators and politicians of the centre left. They didn’t want to criticise ‘our side’.

They didn’t want to admit that racism (in its anti-Semitic form) was as much a problem for the left as the right. They didn’t want to puncture the phoney air of righteousness which surrounds left-wing politics like a cloying perfume, or ‘distract’ themselves from the fight against the Tories

They didn’t want to know. Well they know now.

Within the British media Breitbart London likes to pass itself off as an edgy non PC outlet, and to be fair they do push the boundaries on some subjects, they were good on the mass rape of white girls by Pakistanis, but in the end they are just another Jewish run Neo-Con outfit and their reaction to the Corbyn problem was always going to be predictable. As James Delingpole proves in his piece ”Some of Jeremy Corbyn’s Friends Are Not Jewish“:

Anti-semitism is bang on trend in left-wing circles these days. A friend who attended a dinner party in the company of various Labour grandees – including a former senior minister from the Blair era – reports that the hatred towards Jews in general and Israel in particular was so blatant it was like attending an editorial meeting of Der Stürmer.

You might expect the mainstream Left’s reaction to these Nazi slurs to be damning, after all, what is the point of having a Left and Right if they both Shut Down unorthodox opinion, unfortunately gay Marxist Owen Jones is getting on board, writing at the Guardian:

If you stand on platform 17 of Berlin-Grunewald railway station, the horror of antisemitism never leaves you. I stood there with my friend, silently trying to fathom what befell his grandmother’s relatives as they were deported to Latvia, where they would end up gunned down in forests…

 I write this in a cafe full of laughing customers, cheesy music blaring in the background. A platform full of families with screaming children being squeezed together in unbearable conditions, on their way to be massacred and buried anonymously in mass graves, is a nightmarish parallel universe beyond my comprehension. But it happened. And it wasn’t some mid-20th century aberration that came out of nowhere, a bafflingly horrific episode in human history resulting from sudden mass insanity. This was the culmination of hundreds of years of antisemitism: pogroms, blood libel, scapegoating.

The ever hysterical Dan Hodges writing at the Daily Telegraph agrees:

 The Labour party used to be clear on this stuff. Zero-tolerance of racism. Zero-tolerance of apologists for racism. No platform for racism.

And now that’s gone. It’s all gone. Holocaust deniers. Blood Libelers. Anti-semitic conspiracy theorists. Terrorist sympathisers. Terrorists. We are Labour. How wide and how high would you like your platform to be?

I have been one of the Labour Party’s fiercest critics. But I never thought I’d see this day: the day Labour started to launder prejudice. The day its commitment to standing against all forms of bigotry was so casually slaughtered on the altar of political ideology and expediency.

Soon Jeremy Corbyn will become Labour leader. When he does, his supporters will cheer his victory. And Paul Eisen and Stephen Sizer and Raed Salah and Dyab Abou Jahjah will pause a while from Holocaust denial, and conspiracy theories and Blood Libel and dreams of dead British soldiers. And they will stand at the very top of their platforms. And they will cheer his victory too.


Labour MP, John Mann, went further still, demanding that the leadership elections of his own party be Shut Down because:

“It should be halted,” he said. “It is becoming a farce with long-standing members … in danger of getting trumped by people who have opposed the Labour Party and want to break it up, expressly want to break it up – some of it is the Militant Tendency types coming back in.”

And who is John Mann you ask? well:

John Mann chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism.[12] The Group commissioned the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism in 2005. The inquiry panel, chaired by former Europe Minister Denis MacShane, gathered written and oral evidence on antisemitism in Britain and published a report of their findings on 7 September 2006. The panel’s recommendations included improved reporting and recording of antisemitic attacks; a crackdown on anti-Jewish activity on university campuses; and improved international co-operation to prevent the spread of racist material online. In May 2009 John Mann received the American Jewish Committee’s Jan Karski Award in recognition of his commitment to fighting antisemitism in all of its forms.

Sitting out in the badlands of the ”Far Right” and looking across into the distance at this spectacle is both highly amusing and informative. All of the tactics which the Left have deployed against the Far Right are now being turned around onto themselves. The ”No Platform” mantras, the endless Holo-Guilt, the absurdly hysterical reaction of the controlled press. The difference is, we know who the man behind the curtain is, the Left seem to have stumbled into him while still blind folded. In his Breitbart piece James Delingpole concluded with:

Basically, if you don’t believe in free market capitalism, then the Jews are an affront to human decency.

That’s an interesting admission, but it could equally be said that if you are opposed to dispossessing people from their lands, mass population transfers, permanent debt based economies, a controlled press and the warping of the entire political process to suit the interests of one ethnic group, then yes, the Jews are an affront to human decency.


  1. Corbyn is for open borders, no controls to invasion, sorry immigration, and for the creation of palestine to appease his muz chums. he wants to build on every inch of land to house the entire planet in his industrial paradise where we all work work work, while he dictates. He is a capitalist shill and he probably doesn’t even know it! He typifies the cultural marxists who would have been shot if Lenin or Stalin had got their way – the man is a Trotskyite and desperately needs to become acquainted with an ice pick.

  2. Corbyn isn’t jewish backed he is backed by an elite establishment as a puppet candidate for the left wing.

    he has unashamedly been promoted by fake yougov polls and endless media articles since his campaign was announced at a diane abbot rally,which says really what they are looking for left wingers mislead into voting in crazy laws in a protest vote.

    diane abbot is openly anti white in her campaigning in the last labour election (see her i will put minority families first posters).

    to get the support corbyn got from the establishment he had to sell out his prinicples as an anti zionist and a true left winger.

    vote andy burnham, a true socialist who is not anti white and cares about family values.

  3. CelticNationalist

    Corbyn is a direct clone of Tony Blair; self hating, politically incriminating, friends with the enemy, love for multiculturalism, lust for ethnic cleanse of the white population. Those in the labour party that oppose Zionism abroad but not Jews as a whole in the UK are most often deceitful lying puppets hailing to the mighty ZOG machine of Israel. The idea of Anti-Zionism being constantly scrambled with Anti-semeitism is a deliberate scandal to confuse the masses into thinking one meets the other in definition. Given the fact that the majority of Jews are actually ‘not’ Semitic through culture, creed or race (resulting from mix breeding into other ethnicities across the globe) the Holohoax belief system is all that the Jews rely on to grant them acceptance and fidelity in European political establishments.

  4. Bernie Sanders (ers-ers-ers)

    Feels a bit like 1932 Weimar….

    Can’t wait for the ‘new year’!!!

  5. Corbyn is a traitor, he’s just trying to please both sides to save his neck from the noose.

  6. Encountered a juden about half hour ago in grocery store. Knew he was juden by face alone. Saw back of his T-shirt and saw star of David coming out of a china takeout box for some Chinese food and comedy Christmas day BS. Anyways, there was sample BBQ being given out. As he walked by I followed and kept pressuring him to eat some of the pork BBQ – it’s great. He kept saying no.

    So a few minutes later I walk by him again to instigate whatever I can and he’s got his cart blocking the entire aisle with several people trying to get by. I grab the cart and push it away from him and say “just moving your cart, rabbi”. He follows me and asks paranoidly “why do you call me rabbi?” I respond “don’t worry rabbi”. ” I’m not a rabbi.” “Riiiight, rabbi.”

    A lighthearted but intentionally antisemitic moment. Made for a fun trip to the store.

  7. Louis Marschalko

    What is “semitism”? Aren’t the Arabs also numbered amongst the Semitic peoples?

  8. This photo says it all about Corbyn.

  9. This photo says it all about Corbyn.

  10. “dreams of dead British soldiers”? Hey kike, are you referring to the nightmares the Jews that blew up the King David Hotel and massacred British soldiers that helped create Israel are having? You killed them because you did not want them to stop your genocide of the people of Palestine. Backstabbing jews!

  11. Interestingly John Mann accompanied Greville Janner to Israel when he addressed the Knesset. He is visible on the youtube video.

  12. Yes, I have a great understanding of the rest of the world. When savages can no longer live in the filth they created, they try to con whites into letting them do the same to their countries, while we pay for them to do it, instead of working for ourselves as a nation.

    Why do I think jews are secretly laughing, as they have now removed the very jewish face of “JEWISH LABOUR” as one jew said recently, while their nation wrecking policy is handed to someone who claims to be anti-jew. A willing scapegoat for the final phases of jewish immigration agenda. What’s not to like. A single goy that kills anti-immigration and blaming the jews at the same time. I smell disingenuous righteous indignation coming from these jews. Looks like the stormer troll army damaged their narrative and the jew brand badly. What happened to jew Millibrand? Leaving the scene of the crime?

  13. Behold our ‘World-class’ NHS!

    And also enjoy the ethnic diversity of all these exotically named doctors about to be struck off for incompetence

  14. “The Labour party used to be clear on this stuff. Zero-tolerance of racism.” .. why not? Zero tolerance of Zionism then

  15. Everyone needs to watch and spread this… This is the heart desire of the Jew to morally degrade our civilization:

  16. “They didn’t want to admit that racism (in its anti-Semitic form…”

    Oh, God. Again with the effing lie of anti-Semitism. Jews are not semite’s. They are Khazars or Edomitee or Neanderthals per Michael Bradley. It’s a Damn Sham Lie.


    • They’re not even Jews, either, it’s all one huge lie.
      Satanic Babylonian talmudic Khazar Edomite Neanderthal LOSERS is what they really are.
      aka KIKES!

      • Texas Secessionist

        One of my favorite (KJ) Bible quotes is Revelations 2:9. Jesus stated: I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

        This was from the predictive section of the Bible, known as Revelations. Just reiterating. His predictive statement describes perfectly the ginormous Khazar kike freak show that has engulfed much of the Occident up to this day. In any discussions with a blue pilled person I always try to reiterate this Bible quote because it is an obvious and glaring fact that today’s so-called jews have ZERO ancestral relation to the Biblical JUdeans. I don’t know when the first use of the word “Jew” came into the western world, but some say it was via the pen of Shakespeare. I don’t know. I think it’s a good way to begin to convert someone to a Daily Stomer-type worldview – sort of like the They Live sunglasses except not for sight but for mental recognition/perception. It makes one see the jewish problem from a whole new angle.

        If people can understand that today’s jews are merely the descendants of a nation (Khazaria) of Taludic converts from over a thousand years ago they can divorce themselves and their own minds from the utterly false conception of today’s jews as some kind of Biblical out-of-the-Levant Semitic people who spread all over Europe in some mythical “diaspora”. It’s hard to undo all the brainwashing, though. A “jew” by the name of Shlomo Sand even wrote a book about this very subject called “The Invention of the Jewish People”, which is hated by jews the world over, like pretty much everything that is truthful about them in general and their geographical origins in particular. You could say it’s a touchy subject for the kikes if they are challenged about the very nature of their tribal identity. Just saying that I think it’s a good way to introduce the subject of the “Jewish Question”. Because when you get right down to it, the “jews” ARE NOT who they think/say/believe they are. They’re the Synagogue of Satan pretending to be jews, just as Jesus state in Revelations 2:9. They have essentially hijacked a religious identity and have managed to hide their Global Criminal Conspiracy behind the facade of that religious cover. Imho.

        I don’t claim to say what is like some arrogant know-it-all, but I’ve been a WN for over 15 years and I feel like I know the subject pretty well. I have definitely done reading and researching, let me tell you. There’s also and any related Google search will lead to plenty more info on this very important topic. Christians like David Duke can have a major blind spot on this issue and it leads to a lot of cognitive dissonance if one tries to hold to the belief that these Khazar kikes are “the chosen people” making Aliyah to the ancestral land of IsRaEl after 2,000 years of wandering. Bullshit! The so-called jews have ZERO claim on that land. 19th century zionists concocted Israel as “jewish” homeland for a host of reasons. A Biblical promised land does not apply to Khazar kikes. And that’s one reason why they hate the Khazar theory so much: because it’s very likely highly accurate and makes the Khazar takeover of Palestine all the more horrifying, disastrous, and unjust.

        • Unfortunately, the KJV is very confusing by suggesting there are good, genuine Jews, when there are not. The Greek is ‘Ioudaious’ which means Judean.

          But there were TWO!!! groups of Judeans at the time of Christ in the Roman province of Judea: genuine, unmixed, racially pure, white Judahite-Israelites like Christ (mostly up in Galilee) and FALSE Judahites (darker-skinned, hooked-nosed Edomite-Canaanites) who had infiltrated and usurped the kingdom of Judea since the days of the Maccabean King-General John Hyrcanus c.130 BC. Even Josephus (the genuine Levite; not Jew) did not make this distinction clear in his otherwise excellent histories.

          Christ tried to warn Christians, in His Revelation, about these wicked counterfeits (Jews) but alas, we didn’t listen, or study properly. Tragically, in 1827 the ‘Zio-Christian’ forerunners ditched the whole Apocrypha from their KJVs, and indeed the deep study of history altogether! As a result, they get most of their doctrine upside-down and now actually worship The Adversary (Satan)! What an awesome fekkin deception! See christogenea’s essays and podcasts for full explanation.

  17. “They didn’t want to admit that racism (in its anti-Semitic form…”

    Oh, God. Again with the effing lie of anti-Semitism. Jews are not semite’s. They are Khazars or Edomitee or Neanderthals per Michael Bradley. It’s a Damn Sham Lie.


  18. Do you know what the REALJewish question is? Why they are on the planet- THAT is the question. Oh yes, filling up their cup of wrath of God against the sin of deicide. Answer to question.

    • How would we know good behaviours if we didn’t know evil? He had to create an Adversary which led to the ‘War in Heaven’ and the expulsion of the survivors down to Earth where they mongrelized with pretty Adamite women, and probably animals.

  19. Without anit semitism where would the jews be? They would be living in poverty in eastern europe or dead. Why? Because anti semitism gave them a purpose, an identity and a fresh bite at a religion that basically few of them believe in or uphold, save for the sake of publicity. One hundred years ago Judiasm was all but dead. The Zionists positively love anti semitism for without it they are broke and cast adrift without purpose. The very worst traits of the jew have been long exposed and well understood by them and us, yet they do nothing to moderate their behaviour. They love being hated, for without such hatred they are nothing…

    Owen Jones is a prick but an eloquent one. He is always great entertainment value though I never ever agree with him, except once or twice when he has criticised Israel.

    As for Corbyn he’s shaken the tree and caused a huge and thoroughly enjoyable kerfuffle in the ranks of the UK Labour party and its followers. Corbyn for Prime Minister? Never, it ain’t gonna happen. Mainly because the Labourites who hate him will either get rid or form a new party, plus the casual intelligence of the great British public would never ever vote him into office.

  20. His criticism of Israel means shit since he is typically Judaeo-Left in every other way and Jews have Israel secure anyway, so they couldn’t give a fuck, what they care more about for instance is keeping Britain in the EU, and Corbyn is their man for this.

  21. The problem has been, is and always will be Jewish conduct. Corbyn is aware of Jew cruel, demonic mistreated of Palestinians but has not yet become aware of the conniving ways the Jews have schemed to hurt whites. In time, he will and all whites will know of the ugliness that is the Jews. What then?? Where do the Jews go??

  22. Corbyn? Get outa here! You have got to be joking! No, you cannot trust any of them because they are all traitors Tory and Labor they have sold you all down s*^#+ creek British people! The British have had the governments they deserve since Heath. All have committed high treason and GENOCIDE against the indigenous White British as has the Queen. She has consistently failed to strike down tyrannical laws. You have given over your sovereignty to unelected Soviet style bureaucrat’s in Brussels under the auspices of a communist/Marxist United Nations. The EU is a police state. Wake up you morons. Great or now in fact, not so great in fact piss weak Britain is a police state. Tory and Labor sing from the same song sheet regarding your treasonous immigration policy. That is the most destructive treasonous policy imaginable. That means you have no choice, that mean’s NO DEMOCRACY. Over a policy that it is destroying you. DEMOCRACY it is DEAD as dead as a door nail. You, not Ireland are the old Sow that eats her farrow. YOU have sat by and allowed all of your politician’s to escape capital punishment for the most heinous crime on the statues: High Treason. Especially Tony Blair (traitor and stooge of Isra-hell) and Gordon Brown but including David Cameron. Thatcher was the last leader you had with any BALLS but even she eventually succumbed to the Jewish lobby that has all but wrecked your once proud nation of men
    and women now cream puffs and dykes. All of them Labor and Tory sing from the same song sheet. Why are they still at large? Why have they not been brought to justice? Why has your country been INVADED by APES and you have done NOTHING? Why are you not deporting ALL coloured immigrants en masse NOW! Why are you standing by allowing your country to be destroyed by political correctness and cultural Marxism? Why do you gaol or persecute the only decent courageous men who can save you or slag off at them in your Zionist rags. The BNP is classic example it’s leader Nick Griffith is patriot and you treat him like dirt. You are so beneath contempt the cockroaches treat you with distain. You are as a people obese, selfish, mindless flip flog wearing, faggots and slags. You are sick, sick, sick and sick. Where is your fighting spirit. Why is Nigel Farage not your leader? Why is Nick Griffith not your leader otherwise? Have you taken leave of your collective senses? Have you been so completely emasculated and neutered by militant male hating feminists and social workers you have no fight. WAKE UP and smell the DEAD English Roses…THEY HAVE GONE BLACK. They stink something awful. Yea? Well the fish always starts to stink from the head first. YOU Have lost your sovereignty, your Queen has handed it over. Your government is over run by TRAITORS as is your civil service.
    Now you sick f***s, you retarded degenerates you are going ra ra ra over a far left twit, a communist a Marxist scumbag a grub a jerk and an imbecile called Jeremy Corbyn! A complete idiot. Who as with the Bourbons has learnt NOTHING and forgot NOTHING. A BEARDED left wing LOON. WAKE UP! Socialism leads to Communism you idiots. You
    cursed stupid fools. SORRY your already Communist! That was Marx you sickening retards. How low can you go? I CAN HEAR YOUR DEATH RATTLE FROM OZ Take an appropriate response to the surrendering of your sovereignty you silenced or killed in your world wars instigated by the Zionist money lenders. Words would fail me if I was not a wordsmith.
    Hitler was right, dead right and he has been vindicated. You have got your just deserts. THE DEATH OF GREAT BRITAIN AND DEATH OF EMPIRE but above all else the
    You pussy’s. It’s not so much a whimper now it’s a meow. Your people are sick, degenerate and a bunch of Godless, self serving hypocritical satanic heathen pagan poofter CREAM PUFFS. Enjoy the hell on earth you have made for your gutless selves. You deserve it.

  23. The Jews and their lies.

  24. Internationalen Finanz

    Ashley Madison CEO. DISGUSTING. Is this who the black-and-white merchant GIF is based off of?



  27. AngryNeuroticCatholic

    Well, isn’t internationalism and globalism just the biggest crooks ripping everybody off to have the biggest sacks of cash to keep doing it? This “free market” stuff is just slaving, theft, looting and government and regulation capture and control.

    capitalism is every bit the scourge of communism if not worse. capitalism can quickly morph into communism if it kind of made economic sense, at least on the face of it, then slowly turn a country into some sort of social democracy spreading itself far and wide to get more resource access and market access under the moralized guise of “freedom!”

  28. Just to be clear the term anti-Semitism in the Jew-K context means anti-Zionism and nothing else. It certainly does not infer criticism or even any perception of the total Jewish control over Britain, nor of any concept of white genocide, so don’t be fooled by the Jewsmedias abuse of the term. They like to throw in Holocaust denial but any member of that most Jewish of all parties the Labour party who seriously denied the holocaust would be out on their ear very sharpish.

    • Yes, the threat with ‘Anti-Zionism’ is that most of these people see the solution as removing the Jews from Isreal and returning them to Europe. Hardly in line with our thinking.

      • That’s the dichotomy, in Israel they are at the center of world organized crime and directing white genocide centrally, they are also vaulting most of the world’s gold stolen from places like the USA Fed, Germany and UK. If they descended on us with all their vast wealth it would be a mighty blow. On the other hand so many rich Jews pouring in might cause just the degree of resentment needed to create mass antisemitism. The good thing about Israel from our coming revolutions perspective is that we have somewhere to expel them to.

    • LOL @ these devils calling anyone “inbred” or “scum”.

    • I’d advise you to take that post down purely because Joshua Bonehill is incredibly bad for White nationalism. That quotation is made up, he constantly makes up stories and quotations and fakes “Missing Persons” reports claiming white people are missing and were last seen chased by a pack of negroes etc.

      He seems to be a narcissistic fantasist and White nationalists should not give him a second’s publicity.

      • Joshua Bonehill is facing seven years in prison for fighting for his country. Don’t give out antifa propaganda against your own side, that is if you are not antifa.

      • Joshua Bonehill is facing seven years in prison for fighting for his country. Don’t give out antifa propaganda against your own side, that is if you are not antifa.

        • Someone who is constantly inventing stories about missing children, pulling quotations out of thin air and outright making stuff up is a gift to the antifa. As far as a “poster boy” for White nationalism in Britain he’s a dream come true or them – someone who lacks any credibility and is more interested in making trouble than bringing any kind of facts or awareness to the table.

          The facts about the destruction of the West by Jews and their pet immigrants are by far alarming enough. More than half of the stuff Bonehill comes out with is a fabrication and so if people think he’s representative of British nationalism when the briefest fact check exposes him as a liar and fantasist then they will just dismiss everything nationalists say as lies. How do you not realise this?

          • He’s only 22. At that age most of us are idiots but few have any coherent message as he has. Go to prison as he has for standing up to the system and criticize him from there.

          • Isn’t he the guy that is connected to the jews? Is his prison term just them mopping up a useful idiot?

    • mann isn’t a jewish name as far as im aware

    • Where does it prove Mann said that? I can’t find it. Give us a link.


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