Jeffrey Epstein Getting Sued by a 15-Year-Old Girl He had Illicit Sex With!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

Jeffrey Epstein is in trouble!

He shouldn’t have fucked all those young girls!

Still, he should be let go, because he’s one of God’s Chosen People.


A day before Jeffrey Epstein, an accused child sex trafficker, was found mysteriously injured in his jail cell, the wealthy financier was served legal documents detailing a woman’s claims that he raped her in his New York City mansion when she was just 15 years old.

The accuser, Jennifer Araoz, plans to sue Epstein next month for claims of sexual assault, battery and rape, which she alleges he started committing when she was a New York high school student in 2001, according to a court filing earlier this month.

But first, Araoz is asking a judge to order Epstein to submit to a deposition, where he can be asked by Araoz’s lawyers the identity of a female “recruiter”who allegedly conspired with him to identify her “as a potential sexual abuse victim” and “facilitated the grooming” of Araoz.

“Upon identification of the recruiter, she will be added as a defendant to” Araoz’s planned suit against Epstein, the filing says. “Further, the recruiter possesses critical evidence of [Araoz’s] sexual assault claims.”

Araoz’s lawyers also are asking the judge to require that Epstein produce records showing who was employed by him from 2000 through 2003, and to turn over logs of “everyone who entered or exited his” Upper East Side townhouse during that same time frame.

A New York City Sheriff’s Office official gave Epstein — a former friend of Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton — copies of that request and related documents on July 22 at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, according to an affidavit filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Epstein, 66, has been held in that federal jail in lower Manhattan since early July, when he was arrested on child sex trafficking charges.

A day after he was given the court documents, Epstein was found injured and semi-conscious on the floor of his cell, with marks on his neck. He then was was put on suicide watch.

Authorities do not know if he tried to commit suicide, staged a suicide attempt, or was assaulted by another inmate at that federal facility, where Epstein was being held in a special unit used to protect prisoners from others in the general population.

Daniel Kaiser, a lawyer for the now 32-year-old Araoz, said, “Jennifer endured unspeakable abuse by Jeffrey Epstein and his enablers, who robbed her of a piece of her childhood.”

“She brought this action to hold those responsible accountable and deliver a simple message: she’s not afraid anymore,” Kaiser said.

Epstein’s lawyer did not respond to a request for comment.

Araoz is not one of the women who federal prosecutors have claimed in their pending criminal case were sexually abused as underage girls by Epstein. She shared her allegations in an exclusive interview with NBC News published July 10, the same day she filed her petition in Manhattan Supreme Court, according to that court docket.

Her planned lawsuit is on hold until at least Aug. 14, the date on which a new law, the New York Child Victims Act, will go into effect.

That law will open a one-year window for victims of child sexual abuse of any age to file lawsuits for conduct that occurred beyond the current statute of limitations.

I don’t really have much sympathy for girls who went to this filthy kike’s house and then claim they were surprised when they got “raped.” It’s a bit like putting a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger and claiming you’re surprised when you end up with a bullet in your skull.

That said, it is against the law to have sex with 15-year-old girls, and I am very happy to see a girl is coming out and suing this kike. Because hopefully, information will come out about the Mossad blackmail operation this Jew was running. And he was very obviously running a Mossad blackmail operation.

These young girls were pimped out to various powerful people so they could be filmed having sex with them so their Jewish masters could know they would never get out of line. I believe that these people did this willingly, for the purpose of being promoted.

Hopefully, this girl has names other than Epstein.

Also hopefully, Donald Trump has control of the tapes that the FBI looted from the safe in Epstein’s Manhattan mansion.

ALSO HOPEFULLY we can find out something about these satanic rituals.

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  1. You know, I bet he’s played it over and over and over again in his mind, the scene when the wheels of that private jet of his touched down at an American airport. At any time he could have said “Pilot: Abort this landing and take us directly to Tel Aviv”. But he didn’t know what was waiting for him. If he had only known.

  2. Epstein probably could do without this.

  3. All those pretty girls in your high school were leveraging their cooch.

    Women will always do this if they can get away with it. Best to keep girls segregated, marry them early, and keep them in the house.

    He would, if he wasn’t a hopeless boomer. Jared Kushner deprived us of so many opportunities by pushing decent goys out of the WH.

  4. I’ve been doing this thing recently around normies, and maybe you guys can try it too or tell me if you think it’s a good strategy…

    But I start talking to normies I am already on familiar terms with, and either I or they bring up the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, and then as we talk about Epstein and all the different allegations, I intentionally will verbally confuse Weinstein with Epstein or Weiner with Epstein or Franken with Epstein, and I just keep the variation going until I am called out, at which point in time I say to my normie friend “You know I’m sorry I get all these vampires confused at times because they all look alike and have very similar last names and backgrounds- almost like they’re coming from the same background actually”…

    And when I say that, normies stop seeing all these different pedo-kikes as mere individuals, and many of them will even blurt out to me “You know they’re all Jews, right?”…

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