Ivanka Receives the 2019 Internet Freedom Award

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 24, 2019

You’d think that Ivanka won the presidency or something.

She’s making the rounds to take pictures with smiling people and collecting her prizes.

Apparently, Ivanka is a huge cyber activist… who could have guessed!?


Ivanka Trump is now synonymous with internet freedom — at least according to a tech industry lobbying group boasting members like Uber, Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

The advisor to and daughter of the president was crowned Wednesday with the 2019 Internet Freedom Award. Yes, you read that correctly. Handing out the award in Washington, D.C., was the Internet Association, a trade group which proudly proclaimed Trump is totally deserving of the honor for all of her specific internet-freedom related accomplishments.

“Thanks to Ms. Trump’s leadership, we have seen bipartisan support for increased opportunities and we are excited to present her with an Internet Freedom Award at this year’s gala,” IA President and CEO Michael Beckerman observed in a press release. “The Internet Freedom Award recognizes Ms. Trump’s extraordinary contributions to public policy and the internet economy.”

This is potentially a very revealing award.

While the honor is probably more closely related to the Trump administration’s extralegal actions against Silicon Valley’s overseas competition (Huawei, most specifically), it might also have something to do with Ivanka convincing her father to give the tech industry everything that they wanted, and allowing them to crush their ideological opponents (Trump’s supporters) and censor them online.

The association takes policy stands on election advertising, content moderation, and other hot-button issues. With Donald Trump recently accusing social media companies of “bias,” this award for a member of his immediate family could not have been better timed.

Maybe the shiny award statue will distract him long enough that he moves on to other topics?  

Unironically this.

It seems that everyone who is anyone now understands that Trump is being manipulated and run by the Ivanka/Jared tag-team of kikery, and this Silicon Valley lobby is no exception.

They gave Ivanka the Internet Freedom Award either because she’s helped them lobby her father to do nothing and to allow these companies the freedom to ban and censor anyone they don’t like, or because they think that Ivanka will throw a tantrum if Donald decides to get tough on Big Tech and they, in turn, threaten to take the plastic princesses’ shiny new bauble away – effectively stopping him cold in his tracks before he even makes a move.

Smart stuff.

They know their mark well.

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  1. Like this if y’all believe Ivanka should be beaten n raped repeatedly then locked up in a cage if no, then y’all are a bunch of Judas ass cucks! Lol!

  2. The way Trump constantly gets owned by the (((enemy))), I’ve got to wonder… he must have had a ghost writer write “The Art Of The Deal”, cause there is no way someone this inept at dealing could even read a book about deal making let alone write one!

  3. Princess Yael will be the first wahmen POTUS.

    Mark my words and remember that I said this. When she is POTUS the Greater Israel plan will kick into high gear and the Fed Niggers will hunt anti-Semites like dogs in the streets.

    Jared will be “First Man”? “First Gentleman”? They call the wife “First Lady”. What shall they call the husband when the wife is POTUS?

    Nah bro, this is all according to plan. He is a Trojan Horse.

  4. Hey wait a minute, Goy! That is a leftist standpoint! Some Democrat said that about Melania once. Or was it Baron?

  5. I hate all of these bugmen with their weasel words more than I could ever express.

  6. What a farce.

  7. A Freedom Award doled out by the very entities hard at work suppressing freedom?

  8. His daughter has fully cucked him, his agenda, and his entire legacy.

    What a fucking loser. :rofl:

  9. ding ding ding

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