Ivanka Concerned About Rise of Anti-Semitism in Africa!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2019

This is what we voted for in 2016. Ivanka touring Africa and encouraging black wahmens to work more, and then randomly bringing up anti-Semitism.


Times of Israel:

Ivanka Trump said Wednesday that she is concerned by rising anti-Semitism and an apparent drop in support for Israel in the US.

In an Associated Press interview during a trip to Africa to promote women’s economic empowerment, the president’s daughter and senior adviser touched on a wide-range of issues.

A convert to Judaism, Trump said she was concerned about a “rise in anti-Semitism” and said there currently was “less support for Israel than Israel has traditionally experienced.”

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Asked if she agreed with her father’s statements that Democrats had become an “anti-Jewish” party, she said: “I never make categorical statements, but certainly there are some who have said things that are not supportive of the state of Israel.”

The idea that Donald Trump is at all anti-Semitic has, at this point, sadly been discredited.

There isn’t a goy President in the history of the United States that has done more for the Jews and asked for nothing in return.

His daughter, meanwhile, is hanging out with niggers in her free time and her Boomer father seems to have no problem with it.

This is, again, quite typical.

Why is she spending time in Africa though, other than for her bizarre fetish for AIDs and Ebola?

As she concluded the trip, Ivanka Trump made clear she relished the work she was doing. She said her father recently asked her if she was interested in the job of World Bank chief but that she decided she was happy with her current role in the administration. She worked on the selection process for the new head of the 189-nation World Bank, US Treasury official David Malpass, and said he would do an “incredible job.”

Asked if her father had approached her about other top jobs, Ivanka Trump said she would “keep that between us.” But she did say she does not see a run for office in her future. She also said she had no plans to leave her White House role any time soon. 

Leaving the White House now would be stupid.

That’s where the power is and going anywhere else right now would be a demotion and involve having to do actual work – something that Ivanka has never done in her life. She definitely is shopping around for some political appointment though. It’ll clearly be something Globo-oriented. Either Globo-Homo or Globo-Shlomo or now, possibly, Globo-Ebolo.

Don’t forget, she and Jared freed the blacks from the prison in the US and Ivanka reminded the Africans that she let their people go.

Her kids, she stressed, are proud of the current family business.

Ivanka Trump said her 7-year-old daughter Arabella recently used her nanny’s phone to ask the Siri digital assistant how many people her father, Kushner, had helped get out of prison, after the passage of a criminal justice bill that Kushner had helped champion. 

This is a power couple from hell.

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  1. G-Man says:

    LOL what is the story behind this pic??? Are those guys the Negro Bowl Patrol (NBP)?

  2. Ivanka sickens me.

    If she wants to parade around like a Jew then, WHEN the time comes, we will treat her like a Jew.

  3. What a disgusting fake whore parading around like she’s Mother Theresa. This bitch has had so much surgery and has used so much bleach to look blonde and attractive it’s insane. She’s still not attractive. Look at pictures of her before all the work done and she could be Miyam Biyalik’s sister.

  4. G-Man says:

    citation needed

  5. Bitch probably sees her still very young (((children))) not more than 3 or 4 hours per week.

  6. Plastic face, plastic body, plastic soul. Girls who embrace what nature gave them gracefully are much more attractive than these chopped up and painted bimbos.

  7. Why?
    This is precisely what we have been hoping for.
    The entire mankind can unity to solve everyone’s common problem.

    Isn’t it like watching a puppet show at this point?

  8. She should be married to a lantern jawed Aryan with blue eyes. Why she was so obsessed with this rat fuck little jew who never worked a hard day in his life that she converted to kikeism in order to be wed to him is a mystery.
    Well not really, just proves if you don’t have a tight enough leash on your daughters they do dumb shit like this.

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