Italy’s Government Opens New Minimum Income Welfare Program

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2019

Luigi Di Maio, leader of the Five Star Movement

It’s always exciting to read about Italy’s moves. After all, fascism was born there. Who knows what other good stuff may be growing in Italy’s belly right now?


Italy’s populist government opened its new minimum income welfare program Wednesday, fulfilling a key campaign promise of the 5-Star Movement to help reduce poverty and spur employment in the eurozone’s third-largest economy.

The so-called “citizen’s income” is essentially a new system of welfare and unemployment benefits for residents whose household monthly income is less than 780 euros ($882). The program would provide more money to the unemployed than the current jobless benefits.

Eligible residents receive monthly, pre-paid debit cards to pay for groceries, pharmaceuticals, utility bills and rent, among other things. In exchange, able-bodied participants enroll in a job-finding and job-training program. If candidates refuse the first job offer, they face possible longer commutes in subsequent offers.

See, this is definitely an improvement over Finland’s “lol we’re just going to gift you some money and see what happens” trial. The important thing to keep in mind when these minimum/basic/guaranteed income programs are discussed is that any kind of welfare policy without strong borders is actually a replacement policy.

When you offer benefits and you make it easy for people to get stuff, but you don’t close your borders, you create a very strong incentive for foreigners to flood your country and claim their prize. To make matters worse in the West, Jews are literally forcing brown hordes into our countries; it’s not just that “foreigners” come out of their own accord.

The scheme, which officially opened for applications Wednesday, is slated to cost the Italian government 7.1 billion euros this year, a projected public spending spree that helped spark months of heated budget negotiations with the European Union.

At about 133 percent of GDP, Italy’s debt load is the second-highest in Europe, after Greece.

The cost is not really important if actual Italians are the only ones that are going to be eligible to enter the program, because chances are actual Italians will end up getting a Job and being useful to Italy — unlike the browns and blacks, who only come to the West for the free stuff.

Even if these diverse-skinned invaders had the intention of contributing back to society and the capacity to do so, we shouldn’t let them in because they’d be replacing our people anyways. They’d be taking up jobs that our people could take, they’d be taking up space our people could take, they’d be living in homes our people could be living in, and they’d even be breathing the air our people could be breathing.

What’s happening here in Italy could work or it could backfire, depending on the details of its implementation.

We’ll see if the might of Salvini is enough to keep Italy for Italians.

That said… this shows you how silly the “we have so many jobs we need legal immigrants” argument is. Unless you have zero unemployment, you could implement stuff like this and train unemployed people for the jobs you have.

It’s reminiscent of how Hungary is dealing with their declining birthrates problem. Instead of flooding their country with niggers, they’re providing very tempting incentives for Hungarian women to become mothers and have lots of kids.

There’s always a solution that doesn’t involve replacing your people with monkeys.