Italy: Salvini Now Cockblocking Naval Vessels From Bringing Vicious Animals to Port

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2018

Salvini doesn’t lie.

He is systematically blocking all forms of new arrivals into Italy.

And then… then the cleansing starts.


Italy’s hardline Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, vowed on Sunday to stop foreign naval vessels that have saved migrants in the Mediterranean Sea from docking in Italian ports, extending a ban first placed on ships chartered by charities.

Foreign naval ships participating in European Union and NATO-sponsored search-and-rescue missions transfer many migrants to land at Italian ports. On Sunday, Irish navy ship Samuel Beckett landed in Sicily with 106 migrants on board.

Just imagine that the Irish government is smuggling Africans into Italy.

What for? 

This is like if I live in a nice white suburb, then drive to the ghetto with a van and pick up a bunch of crackheads off the street and drop them off in my neighbor two doors down’s front yard and then honk the horn and say “feed and clothe these victims!” and drive off.

Announcing his decision on social media, Salvini said he would inform his counterparts from other European Union countries about the move at an upcoming EU meeting in Austria.

‘Migration can’t just be an Italian problem’

Unfortunately, Italian governments over the past five years have signed agreements (in exchange for what?) so that all these ships disembark immigrants in Italy,” Salvini wrote. “With our government, the music has changed and will change.”

In exchange for what?

Debt, goyim. It’s in exchange for debt to the Queen Bitch.

Salvini did not mention any EU or NATO missions by name, but Italian Transport Minister Danilo Toninelli wrote on Twitter that Italy would seek to amend the EU’s Operation Sophia operation.

“We respect the rules, but now they will be changed,” Toninelli wrote. “Migration can’t just be an Italian problem or else the EU is at risk.”

LOL yes.

Best answer: “oh course we are going to respect the rules… we’re just going to change them first. It’s for your own good.”

This is the Roman Empire at its peak:

I’m comfortable with Caesar Salvini conquering and controlling those territories.

But also Germany.

And, you know…

They’re killing babies and doing anal marriage now, so they d0n’t really have any moral defense anymore. Ireland used to be like, the one country that could say “yeah but we have higher moral standards than you degenerates.” Those days are done.

Give the rest of that map to Putin.

Our own Emperor with take this bit:

We’re going to have to take Canada, because they are a terrorist state of money thieves run by a known groper who can’t even keep his gosh darned fake eyebrows on straight.

And we will have to establish a provisional government in Mexico in order to ensure peaceful mass deportations to that “country.” We will also use their population for slave labor.

This is all shaping up beautifully.

We just need to deal with one small issue…


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  1. Caesar Salvini should dominate and destroy these ships off the African coast and bring back the Roman Empire. He needs his own version of this battle.

  2. Awesome. I posted the vid of those Irish pricks dropping off those niggers a day ago.

    Ceaser Salvini comes through again.


  3. As much as I’d love to invade Canada, I’m sitting here in Texas, surrounded by spics, thinking that I’d much rather declare war on Mexico and get this fucking thing started. I have witnessed my 80% White suburb turn into little Spixico in less than two decades. I can’t take it anymore, fam.

  4. What’s an Irish if not a Nigger inside out

  5. Salvini is doing a lot more with protecting their borders than Donald Trump. I’m still waiting for the US-Mexico wall to be built, but beforehand, why haven’t Donald Trump bring all the troops back from foreign land and deploy them at the US-Mexican border?

  6. Heil Salvani! Heil Putin! Heil Duterte, too! Those three are what real leaders look like! Real men!

  7. Yeah it is high treason.

    Add it to the pile we currently see across Europe at the moment.

    Ireland is under occupation anyway.

    We are led by an Indian faggot (literally) who wasn’t even voted into office.

    This is not an Irish issue, it is an E.U. woman and jew issue.

    Just for the record some of us have no respect left for anything.

    I live in a country that said that faggot “marriage” is the same as traditional marriage.

    I live in a country where nothing means anything anymore.

    I live in a country where the women voted to murder their children.

    Imagine that. A woman voted to be allowed to murder her child.

    This kind of picture/trolling doesn’t even bother me anymore either…


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